Sunday, May 27, 2018

Perfidious Albion

To read the headlines, you would think that Britain was still fighting for her life: defending its shores from German U-boats, launching the RAF to repel the Luftwaffe, and London subjected to regular bombings by V-1, V-2 rockets and flocks of Messerschmitts and Dorniers. As far back as WWI, British newspapers were given what were called “D Notices” by the War Ministry about what news about the war effort could not be published to prevent the enemy from gleaning information about Britain’s plans and capabilities.

But it’s not the 1940s. It’s May, 2018. Britain has slid down the slippery slope to out-and-ought censorship, or to Sharia, the subjugation of Muslims and non-Muslims to Islamic law in which one can criticize Islam usually on pain of death. The current, outstanding instance in this case has been the arrest, sentencing, and jailing yesterday (May 25) of Tommy Robinson for doing nothing, but for “disturbing the peace,” by reporting the outcome of a trial of Muslim groomers outside the Leeds courthouse. There was no mob of Muslims near him threatening to attack him or shout him down; only the police. It was the police who were disturbing the peace by shutting Robinson up, preventing us from hearing what he had to say, and hauling him away in a van, to court to be charged and booked, and then to prison.

It’s as though the government believed that Robinson was about to reveal Britain’s plans to repel the Huns – or the Muslims – or rather, reveal Theresa May’s plans  to admit more Muslims into the country. What little of his broadcast outside the courthouse we heard contained little or nothing about the verdict on the groomers. He did not have time except to say what was occurring in the courthouse, before he was surrounded by over half a dozen policemen and shut down. His silencing amounted to that old-fashioned D-Notice with restrictions imposed on the story of Robinson’s arrest.  One can’t discuss what happened (at least not in Britain) without risking committing a “crime.”  

He was sentenced to thirteen months, as of today.

It is Prime Minister Theresa May and her government waging war on Britain’s citizens to force them to accept and inure themselves to all the primitive practices and the savagery of Islam, from rape, to female genital mutilation, to the forced marriage of under-aged girls to older men, to prayers in the street and public places, to “respecting” such cultural “diversity” as the norm, and to punish anyone with fines and/or prison who objects, to smear such a person with the one-size-fits-all “racist” label. In Britain and in other Western countries – particularly Germany, Sweden, Norway – Muslims are a “protected” class, protected against criticism and “diversity” discrimination.

What else may have been going on – perhaps stemming from Robinson’s parole from his last arrest – remains in the murk. To speculate about what lies beneath the surface, is to talk about it, and the law prohibits talking about it. According to the British law, It is a question also of whether or not Robinson was on courthouse property and thus – somehow –  prejudicing the verdict on the groomers  (British law, part 5.6, Reporting Restrictions in the Criminal Courts, April 15, 2015, Unauthorized Reporting of Court Proceedings). There may be some valid justification for such a restriction. The terms that disturb me the most, however, are authorized and unauthorized. By whom? Or by what?

Were Britain in a shooting war, such a restriction could be justified. But it is not in a shooting war. It is an ideological war it – and the West – is engaged in, between civilization vs. barbarism, over freedom of speech vs. enforced silence, individual rights vs. submission.

Many newspapers have “scrubbed” any stories about Robinson’s arrest, for fear of violating the government’s restrictions decree and bringing on legal action.

I sent Theresa May an email.

Take Robinson out of jail, nullify his sentencing, permit him his freedom as a journalist. Or are you more concerned about  sucking up to the ragheads and the EU bureaucrats! You are contemptible! You’re no Churchill or Margaret Thatcher, you are a craven, power-lusting coward!

I sent her another:

Perfidious Albion! Perfidious Theresa May!

If you want to protest Robinson’s arrest, send May an email, to:

What follows are links to commentaries – unrestricted here – on Tommy Robinson’s arrest. These are but a handful.


Edward Cline said...

I doubt very much that Ipads . and cellphones are allowed to be on during trials in Britain and the U.S., so I fail to understand the media blackout during trials, in particular the trial of the groomers in Leeds.

Artgrl said...

Thank you for that excellent explanation of D rule for the rest of the world. I saw the US version happening in front of the federal Courthouse in Portland, Oregon, over the last few years.
An ideological war was/is being waged against patriotic Americans and landowners (ranchers, and farmers of large tracts who do not bow to random, oppressive, and punitive policies of the government- and will not give them their lands.)

Department of Homeland Security and state officers threatened to arrest people in front of the court (on the sidewalk) for handing out copies of the US Constitution! The idiocy went on inside as Judge Anna Brown threatened defendants with contempt of court and other charges if they even mentioned their Constitutional rights. The head defense lawyer, Mumford, was tazed, assaulted, and may lose his license because he objected and dared argue their treatment with Brown. They are goons and thugs.

This has been happening in the West for a long time but few people knew it because, as you see, those willing to broadcast it in public do so at great risk.