Thursday, March 02, 2017

The Unbounded Malice of the Democrats

 “Curses! Foiled Again!”
Snidely Whiplash: the
embodiment of the
Democratic Party

In fact, why limit the characterization of Democratic behavior to mere malice? Why not call it unbridled hatred and hatred of the good for being the good? For their hatred’s target is not just President Trump, but the American people for having made President Trump possible. One doesn’t have the frequent opportunity to observe so many grown men in effect drop their pants and moon a whole country besides the President. This is what they are doing, for all to see, practically a whole political party behaving like petulant brats who’d rather see the country’s continued destruction by Barack Obama’s policies instead of renewing the country by the grace of Trump’s policies.

President Trump addressed a Joint Session of Congress on March 1st. Rather it was a Disjointed Congress, with the Democrats ensconced on one side of the House and the Republicans on the other. The Democrats largely remained literally unmoved by Trump in a peevish demonstration of their small-mindedness and malice.

Daniel Greenfield on FrontPage published a gallery of telling photos of Democrats reacting to Trump's Congressional address. I wondered:  Who were all the women in a back row in white? At first I thought it was a school choir that had been invited to hear Trump’s address to the Joint Session of Congress.  But no, they were distaff Democrats led by Nancy Paleo-Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, who  now resembles a melted Madam Tussuad wax mannequin, her puffy Botox lips acting like a tongue sticking out at Trump and everything he had to say or show. Some of the "white dress privileged" women rose and applauded. Some of the Dems in the immobile side of the House rose and applauded and got dirty looks from their colleagues. I watched the whole address to Congress, and saw the glances and dirty looks

Democrats, led by Paleo-Pelosi, who resembles a
 a melted Madam Tussuad wax mannequin, were
advised to not stand or applaud Trump.

Daniel Henninger in his Wall Street Journal article revealed that:

There is one other relevant image from the moments after the speech ended: Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin standing—alone—to shake Mr. Trump’s hand.

Last week, progressive activists petitioned  [Senate] Minority Leader Schumer to expel Sen. Manchin from the leadership team as retribution for his vote in favor of Scott Pruitt’s nomination to run the Environmental Protection Agency.

Apparently, Senator Schumer would rather retain the costly swamps created by the EPA, rather than see them drained.

 The Dems also refused to applaud or even look at the victims of immigrant crime as Trump pointed them out; instead boos and hisses emanated from that side of the House. The Free Beacon wrote that during the two-minute tribute and standing ovation given to the widow of Navy Seal Ryan Owens,

The audience stood and gave Carryn Owens a standing ovation and applauded for over two minutes for her strength.

A majority of congressional Democrats who stood up to clap sat down before the applause was finished. At the 2:49 mark in the above video, NBC's cameras showed several Democrats sitting in their seats, with very few appearing to clap for Owens.

It was an expression of the Dems' malignant hatred of Trump and everything he said. I fully expected one of the “Resistance” Dems  to break decorum and throw a shoe at Trump, Arab-style, as was what once happened to President Bush in 2008. The drooling and frothing mouths were nearly palpable.

No wonder Democrats aren’t connecting with Americans. Their hatred for Trump is stronger than their love of country.

But, had they ever any love of their country? In lieu of all the scandals, corruption, and crimes committed by the Dems during the Obama administration, their “love” is clearly based on an all-encompassing avarice for anything that can be looted from America so they can continue to live in a gated elitist Elysium and the status quo.

“Foiled again!” Keith Ellison, now deputy chairman of the DNC,
and Debbie Wasserman Schultz,  former head of the DNC,
sit immobilized during Trump’s Congressional speech,
 doubtless traumatized by the prospect of 4 years of Trump.
The behavior of the Dems was laid bare before a whole nation – indeed, before the whole world – to see them spite their own faces. For in 2018, when new, local races are scheduled, the Dems are again going to suffer catastrophic defeats, unless they can rig elections and snatch defeat from the jaws of popular disgust. At the moment, the Dems are like the cartoon character Snidely Whiplash, rubbing their hands together, cackling like the stereotypical villain, in anticipation of obstructing Trump in every way possible. The electorate is not going to quickly forget the spectacle of the discourtesy displayed by the Dems during the Joint Session.

They may as well, every man and woman jack of them have been donned the pink Pussy hats of the Woman’s March on Inauguration Day, to confess how “nasty” they were on March 1st and promise to be for the next four years.

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Edward Cline said...

Ilene Skeen noted: Ilene SkeenMarch 2, 2017 at 1:38 PM

Well, the women in white came as suffragettes to fight the battle of the Nineteenth Amendment. I guess they don't think that any people they want to talk to know that it passed August 18, 1920.

Keeping with their demeanor and the inaugural Women's March on Washington, I wonder what restrained them from dressing in costume as huge, pink viginas, as was a common theme in January.

Progressives are slow to learn, slow to light a candle, slow to put a hand across the aisle, but super quick to curse the darkness, which they themselves create.