Saturday, January 07, 2017

Trigger Happy


I want my safe place!!!!
The ultimate earner of a Trigger Warning is having to read a column that mocks trigger warning addicts and others dependent on post-adolescence pacifiers.

Doxing and dwelling on the progressive gangrene of Western society, the topic here is “trigger warnings.”

There have been so many reports lately of the implementation of “trigger warnings,” especially in universities, that one might well ask oneself: Why bother putting police scene-of-crime tape around a particular animus? Why not declare everything off limits, reality in fact. Everywhere a snowflake turns anymore he seems to encounter something troubling, unsafe, and perilous to his piece of mind – or did I mean “peace” of mind? No sooner is the issue raised, then some industrious guidance counselor or an academic can be heard hammering and sawing as he or she builds a “safe space” for the uninitiated college snowflake.

What?? No trigger warning?? I feel violated!!
Cashing in on their prenatal Progressive upbringing, and on their potty-training, modern educators patronize and encourage the bewildering universe of the modern college student, who learn that nothing is real and that therefore reality is anything you want it to be and if you think it’s dangerous or offensive, you deserve a “safe place” from it, and more, that you should be warned of its proximity and that steps should be taken to expel it from reality.

But is there a “safe space” from reality, from facts? From “A is A”? but that statement is racist. “A” standing for a dead white male, Aristotle. Snowflakes must be protected from it.

No. You may as well try to find fresh air on Titan or Mars.

The cultural hypochondriacs have nowhere to hide, nowhere to cower and lick their wounds, hug their puppies, and open their Cry-on Crayons

An absence of trigger warnings

will trigger a swarm of moon bats
Don’t say trigger in front of snowflakes! Guns have triggers, and guns make them nervous, they make them feel unsafe! Trigger was also the name of Roy Rogers’s horse, and they’re against animal exploitation, too; it makes them feel queasy and nauseous!

Don’t expose them to depictions of the crucifixion! It’s so depressing! It’s only tolerable if the narrative is that Christ died for our “sins” against Mother Earth, and against Muslims, and against oppressed minorities. And then they can feel something about it. They might even weep. They’ll put up with it and not gag if the narrative is that Christ has been made an honorary member of Black Lives Matter, even though he isn’t black! Graham Grant writes:

University students studying the death of Christ are being given trigger warnings before being shown images of the Crucifixion. Theology undergraduates studying an introductory Bible course at the highly-regarded University of Glasgow are being warned that the execution may distress them.

They are given the opportunity to skip lectures entirely if they are too fearful that the Biblical imagery may upset them.

Those triggers also extend to such worrisome things as forensic evidence, dead animals, and urban rioting.

Warnings are also given to the university’s veterinary students who work with dead animals, and those studying ‘contemporary society’ who will be discussing illness and violence.

Students of forensic science at Strathclyde University in Glasgow are given a ‘verbal warning… at the beginning of some lectures where sensitive images, involving blood patterns, crime scenes and bodies etc are in the presentation’.

To a correspondent I remarked that the crucifixion trigger is one of the most laughable trigger warnings I've ever read about. I wonder how many of these snowflakes watch The Walking Dead. Maybe TWD should have a trigger notice. WARNING: SIMULATED BLOOD SPATTERINGS, GUTS, BEHEADINGS, DECAYING ZOMBIES, AND MUTILATIONS AHEAD! NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH ISIS VIDEOS OF THE REAL THING! STEEL YOURSELVES FOR NAUSEA AND OFFENDED FEELINGS! Not to worry! You will get credit for this course anyway if you become uneasy and can’t continue to attend it.

But make sure you secure a note from the school mental health counselor excusing you from the class.
Muslim students demonstrating for a safe place

Muslims, of course, will be granted dozens of mandatory “trigger warnings.” In fact, they are demanding that the whole country – or all of Europe – be converted, in conformance with Sharia, into a “safe space,” which now goes under the appellation “no go zone,” where they can express their outraged hurt feelings. Barring that, they’ll exercise their right to riot and stab and rape and set fire to their own mosques and call it someone else’s “hate crime.”

What on earth will happen to the disciplined professions if trigger warnings are regularly established as preambles to taking a college course? Here’s a preview.

In May,The Daily Mail reported in its article, “Oxford law students too ‘fragile’ to hear about violent crime: Undergraduates given 'trigger warnings' before traumatic material”:

They are destined to be barristers and judges – but undergraduates studying law at Oxford are being told before lectures on cases involving violence or death that they can leave if they fear the content will be too ‘distressing’.

The revelation marks the arrival from the US of ‘trigger warnings’ – the politically correct notion that students should be warned before they encounter material that could elicit a traumatic response.

Lecturers have been asked by the director of undergraduate studies for law to ‘bear in mind’ using trigger warnings when they give lectures containing ‘potentially distressing’ content.

Even Indiana Jones needed trigger warnings: about snakes
Nor are “lovely bones” a draw to archeological students. They might make them tremble and so they’re in need of trigger warnings. John Petre of the Daily Mail reports in his article of September 2016, “Warning to archeology students that ‘bones can be scary’ sparks fresh fears over cosseted generation of students”:

For archaeology students, the opportunity to dig up important historical remains is an enticing prospect.

But astonishingly, students at one of Britain’s leading universities have been given permission to walk out of classes if they find dealing with the past too traumatic.

Do I have a "safe place" for you! It's called a grave.
“Forget the bones, mate! I’m only interested in digging up pottery shards and stuff like that! I’m not into finding, touching, and cleaning old bones. They give me the willies. I can’t even watch an Indiana Jones excavation without barfing up my breakfast! Can I get full credit?”

The move at University College London (UCL) is the latest example of controversial ‘trigger warnings’, where academics caution students about some potentially disturbing material. 

Trigger warning mandates and “safe places” insulated from the real world are a distinctly American export. They have proliferated in virtually every American university campus.

American students are now “trigger happy,” and their minds and cognitive faculties are as dull as butter knives.


Tom McCaffrey said...

If I recall correctly, these "trigger warnings" began in the universities as a way to morally discredit certain authors of whom the Left disapproved. They seem to have evolved, as you point out, into a complaint against reality itself. The mind boggles.

Edward Cline said...

Tom: As soon as I finish "Saving Athena," I'll be composing a follow up to Trigger Happy on just that subject.