Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Parallels in Evil: Part II

Hillary Clinton's Unacknowledged idol: Negan
Jeffrey Dean Morgan, as Negan, the “super” villain of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, has nothing over Hillary Clinton in terms of foul language. In fact, Clinton has a nonstop sewer of a mouth that puts Negan’s to shame. All the censors could permit Morgan to say on screen and repeat ad nauseam is the four letter term for feces.

Clinton has had no censor to control her mouth rage. In public appearances, she poses as a calm, clean-cut, well-bred, grandmotherly hostess about to serve you tea and nothing but the truth. But backstage, and in venues where cameras are not rolling, she is a harpy dedicated to befouling the minds of everyone she comes into contact with, which includes her campaign staff, her Foundation clients and donors, the Secret Service, and doubtless her husband, Bill, and daughter Chelsea. She makes “biker chicks” look like polished graduates of finishing school. She is about as “feminine” as a pig in a pantsuit.

A person, regardless of his gender, who uses that kind of language as an automatic, default means of expression has a festering ball of noxious grunge for a soul. Clinton has exhibited that soul many, many times, in public and off-camera.

The Mouth that Roared
But Hillary’s and Negan’s mouths are not the main subject here. I discussed the simpatico political relationship between The Walking Dead’s boisterous, glib, repellant villain (the worst ever depicted in the series) in “Hillary and Negan: Parallels in Evil.”

What is the difference between the Negans of fiction and the Negans of the real world? The fictional ones cannot kill you. The real ones can and will. As happened in Paris and Brussels and New York City and dozens of other places over decades. There are dozens of Koranic verses for violence that the fictional Negans could just as well adopt…..

… I do not look forward to the debut of Negan in Season 7. It appears he's a thorough-going nihilist and evil to the core. When he shows up, I'm quits with TWD. It seems that the scripters are pandering to viewers who want Negan.
The title of the debut episode is “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be.” Meaning that when you meet Negan, you will probably cease to exist. The two most appealing heroes of The Walking Dead, Carol and Daryl, are no longer heroes. They are just memories now. They have been changed and demoted to secondary characters. Carol’s future role is indeterminate; Daryl has been kidnapped into Negan’s Sanctuary maw to be imprisoned and tortured, future also indeterminate.

What worried me most – but no longer, because after this review, I will have joined the “Quitters Club” – has been the new stress on the overwhelming, driving-force of malevolence in the person of Negan. In the past, the Walking Dead gang fought evil, and largely defeated it.  They lopped off the heads of “walkers,” defied and fought gangs of rampaging marauders, and worked to create a livable “environment” during an apocalypse. They lived as rationally as they could in a world in which emergency ethics was the rule demanded of their survival.  Several characters stood out, Carol and Daryl among them who became favorites of The Walking Dead watchers. In general, most of the gang would not submit to the state of the world.

Total submission, a la Islam, on bent knee, before Negan
Until now. The leader, Rick Grimes, after six Seasons of leading his gang (and friends) to some semblance of safety and security, in the latest episode has submitted to Negan’s threats and killings, and is broken, so broken that he was willing to cut his son’s arm off at Negan’s command. It was Negan’s purpose to break him, to own him, to “make him mine.” If there was anyone left alive in the gang, Rick would now “lead” them in service and in subservience to Negan. Negan almost literally dances in joy after he’s used his bat on his vicitms.

Negan's Law: the baseball bat
In “Hillary and Negan: Parallels in Evil,” I draw a wholly justified parallel between Negan and Hillary Clinton. As Negan is a psychopathic power-luster who revels in the power he wields over his mob of awed and comfortably subservient “Survivors” (her unthinking supporters and the MSM) Clinton wishes to wield the same kind of power, but elevated to a scope beyond but hauntingly similar in all its attributes to Negan’s. Hillary would like to break Americans as Negan broke Rick Grimes. Their purposes, ends, and means dovetail to exactly the same power-wielding point. They comprise a mutual-nihilist society.

Make no mistake about it; Hillary is as much a nihilist as is Negan. Negan smiles in satisfaction when he sees the sobbing, pleading look in Rick’s eyes. Negan is a first-class jihadist at heart. He enjoys killing for the sake of killing. He relishes killing spirits and souls as much as he does lives, in the most horrible, gruesome ways possible. Hillary will gloat in public and in private, when more Americans are raped, murdered, and beaten by Muslim immigrants and Mexican illegals when she lets more of them in, just as Barack Obama has. She and Obama are the cold-hearted “humanitarians” their supporters and the MSM hope to bring down the country.
Hillary's Law: the baseball bat

Do you think Hillary isn’t made of the same stuff? Think again. Her nihilism is the only explanation of her policies and behavior ever since she entered “public service.”  Remember, she laughed about how a rapist she represented got off with a light sentence because of time served in a county jail, and how she victimized the rape victim again, and ruined the girl’s life.

Do Americans really want this hellacious, nihilistic harridan laughing at them from the Oval Office?


Edward Cline said...

In case anyone is wondering, the last photo illustration is definitely of Clinton. I found it in a gallery of Clinton pictures. I don't know what the two men are doing in the background but there were several photos of Clinton with them fondling a baseball bat.

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