Sunday, June 19, 2016

Last Call

This is my last post on Rule of Reason and, at least for a long while. The blog sites might remain up for a while, until Mark Zuckerberg and his Merkelian cronies who govern the Internet eventually take them down or block access to them, something they do to “offensive” sites in Europe. They punish them to accommodate Angela Merkel and a multitude of statists and pro-Islam aficionados who want to “transform” their countries from civilized ones to ones governed by political correctness, submission to Islam, and civil anarchy, although the latter state of affairs is not one they are contemplating.
Nevertheless, an upheaval will transpire. You don’t sic the savages on whole civilized populations without incurring violent consequences. Look what happened in the Warsaw ghetto. Or during the Hungarian uprising.
This will be my last post, not because I was censored by the government or by the FBI or by Zuckerberg’s ilk, although I think that is in works. As many of you already know, fear of retaliation, reprisals, and the like have never tethered my language about Islam, about treasonous Obama, or about the many other enemies of freedom. My sites will remain silent for other reasons.
The ostensive purpose of censoring or blocking “offensive” sites is to forestall potentially “fractious” and violent conflict between Muslims and non-Muslims, which already exists. It already exists, with or without the state-sanctioned filtering and outright bans, and for two reasons: the deliberate and government-encouraged invasion of Western countries by hordes of people whose “religion” is hostile to all Western values, is an invasion feared and opposed by the thousands current and likely victims of the invasion; and, two, Islam is a detailed blueprint for the conquest of the West by Islam, including America.
Read the 1991 Muslim Brotherhood memorandum about the means and ends of the invasion, especially of America. More and more Europeans understand that, but are prevented from speaking out about the mortally deleterious consequences of unlimited immigration of barbarians from the pestholes of the world. Perhaps more and more Americans are understanding it, too. I should hope so.
Progressive liberals and other wannabe totalitarians like Zuckerberg keep harping (or, shall we say, “screaming”) about the injury caused by “hate speech” and “Islamophobia” and “racism” of non-Muslims (even though Islam is practiced by virtually every race under the sun). But, they have little to say about the genuine racism practiced by Muslims who prey on Western women, Jews, homosexuals, and anyone else who doesn’t fit their addled conception of a perfect devotee to Islam, which is a compliant cipher who obeys all the rules of Sharia law, never questions them, and who would rather just “go with the flow” than bother to…well...think.
Of course, jihadists and other killers on the make and on the prowl think all the time: How can I strike a blow for Islam and win my time in Paradise? These people too often come from the “silent majority” of Muslims, and become “radicalized.” Most of the jihadists in Europe come from second generation Muslim families. “Radicalized” is a term I’ve never quite understood the usage of, because if you know anything about Islam, the Koran, the Hadith, and Sharia, you would know that Islam is nothing but “radical.” “Radical” in the sense that it advocates, from top to bottom, the totality of one’s submission to Allah and Islam, or – totalitarianism. It’s a rather simple concept to grasp.
Whatever you think of Donald Trump as a candidate and possible President, I do not think he can make much headway against an entrenched political establishment dedicated to reducing Americans to obedient ciphers of the State who need to be pacified with various goodies.  He hasn’t the intellectual equipment. I don’t think he has the moral certitude or fortitude to stymie what is happening to the country. I would like to think he has, but wishing is not my forte, either.
Like FDR’s State Department throughout his administration, which was rich in Communists and fellow travelers, the current federal government is riddled with Progressives, dwarf totalitarians, Muslims, and others who lust after and savor the power they wield.
Several blog sites have run stories about my eviction by the manager of Lawson Enterprises for having dared exercise my freedom of speech, quietly and without violent consequences to me or to other tenants, for years. But, somehow, in the insulated, hateful PC mind of Allison Otey, the manager, I endanger the lives of the her tenants. Throwing me to Mohammad’s wolves does not concern the landlord. She not once expressed the least concern about my fate at the hands of jihadists, or about uprooting my life with all the attendant costs. She may as well be an agent of ISIS, or of the Taliban, or of Iran. “Punish the infidels wherever you find them, especially those who talk back.”

"O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him." (Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 52, Number 177). The Lawson Enterprises version is:

“Oh, Otey! There is a champion of American freedom hiding behind me, so punish him before his hateful words harm one of my tenants!”

But, as the advocates of open immigration and the alleged defenders of the freedom of religion keep harping, Islam is a religion, and we have no right to prohibit its practice. But Islam is first and foremost an ideology. Islam is not the Amish. Has anyone ever coined the term “Amishophobia”? No. Because there’s nothing in the Amish creed that encourages the slaughter or submission of the non-Amish. The Amish creed is not an ideology. Whatever you think of the Amish or of their beliefs, theirs is not a “religion” to fear if you are not of the Amish faith.

I queried the Virginia Bar Association in search of lawyers who would be willing to represent me against Lawson either pro bono or for a fee. No takers. No response. I cast my Internet net in search of lawyers who’d be willing to take my case on any condition. No takers. No response. Dead silence.

These articles, to date, have been:

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Among others, including numerous Twitter mentions.

I’m in the same situation as Henry Cameron in The Fountainhead. I have been fighting evil and tyranny all my writing life. It was worth the fight. But, I’ve run out of gas. I cannot keep fighting and seeing my own person betrayed and offered as a sacrifice to the killers at large and the killer in the landlord’s office. I do not want to see the country conquered or transformed by Obama or by any of the beasts who want to rule the country.  I have tried to find a new place to live, but I don’t meet the income requirements. Virginia and its many landlords and property owners have stringent rules. I traveled to Dallas under the impression that it was a freer state, but its tenancy requirements in the way of income are as onerous as Virginia’s.
I’ve been blocked virtually everywhere I turn. Many friends and fans have made generous offers of their own property for me to live on, but at this point in life, I do not want to become a moocher or anyone’s ward. It’s not my style. The movers have come and gone and taken away everything valuable I ever owned. It’s in storage somewhere, awaiting an address for the movers (GiantXPress) to send it to. But, I am clearly no longer welcome in America. I have been stonewalled by the politics, by the culture.
Doubtless, the government will seize all my property, including the blog sites.
I have presented my country, indeed, the world, with many literary and intellectual gifts. Sparrowhawk is my magnum opus. The Skeen and other novels were fun to create but they still are imbued with a moral sense of life to which many readers are not indifferent. I’m happy that Sparrowhawk and Cyrus Skeen are popular, and have tapped into the minds and spirits of so many readers. The two series do not stop selling. That’s some measure of success in an otherwise hostile culture that has no use for an independent man and a man of the mind. Jack Frake, Hugh Kenrick, Dogmael Jones, Cyrus Skeen, Chess Hanrahan, and Merritt Fury reign supreme in their worlds. For as long as they are available to be read, they cannot be milked dry.
 The Totalitarianism of Modern Airports,” which predates this column, was the result of an off-hand remark to a fellow writer about my observations of contemporary travel.
I must mention my “Carol Pelletier” and stalwart and dogged heroine who set up the Go Fund for me to help defray the costs of moving. Her name is Hilda Naranjo. I must also thank all the generous and caring individuals who donated to the Fund. Of course, there is Roxanne Albertoli, my loving spiritual booster for decades. And Steve Saaf, who knew immediately that we were of the same mind and spirit and not just yeah-sayers for reason, when we first met during an Objectivist picnic in California so many years ago. 
I, however, have reached the point of no return. There is nowhere to return to. I’ve fought the good fight to the best of my ability.


Michael Neibel said...

Sorry to see you go. I however refuse to believe you are a quitter. What is happening to you and others is evidence our mutual enemies are getting desperate. I think we are in the throes of the final collapse of the altruist/collectivist axis. It's not going to happen overnight or even quickly. But I see many positive signs that freedom has a future. I have enjoyed your writings. Rand once said IIRC, "Speak out at whatever level is open to you." If you should begin publishing again on another venue, that is, other that FB or Google, I want to know. So, thanks for the intellectual joy you have given me. Hang in there and good fortune with that.

Jim said...

Best wishes and thank you very much - Jim Kramer

Unknown said...

Mr. Cline, have you considered asking the Rutherford Institute for assistance? They take on a lot of civil liberties cases gratis. I thought of them, having seen them on Fox News in the past. There's an help request form under the Legal Assistance tab on their website: They also might help in getting some national publicity out there.

Unknown said...

Mr. Cline, not sure my first attempt to post worked as I was not logged in Google. I recommend trying the Rutherford Institute for assistance. They take civil liberties cases gratis. Apply under the Legal Assistance link on their website:

Edward Cline said...

Pamela Sage: I queried the Rutherford and the Institute for Justice, and had no response from either of them. I also queried the Virginia Bar Association's pro bono division; no response. Queried several lawyers in this area; no response. A friend queried Pamela Geller's lawyer for me; he replied that he can't do anything because he doesn't have a license to practice in Virginia (which sounded pretty lame). But then Pamela Geller has not mentioned my situation, either, nor Robert Spencer.

Unknown said...

Dude, seriously, don't let the bastards get you down. I recently heard about your predicament and donated to the effort to help you relocate to Texas. If you change your mind and decide to go elsewhere, that's fine by me, just don't give up. Though I haven't followed your blog in many years, I used to many years ago, and remember enjoying reading this site. I'm a bit concerned after reading this last post of yours, as recently another blogger I read regularly committed suicide. I doubt that is the case, but the lack of any talk of alternative plans if Texas isn't working out rather worries me in this context. We need every man in this fight against the bastards who want to destroy everything the people who built this nation fought for. Honestly, if there is somebody out there offering you shelter until you can find a new place to live, and you have no alternatives, please accept it. We all are fighting against the same enemy, accepting shelter from our allies is not mooching.

Unknown said...

Hi Mr Cline, I wanted to ask if you have thought to contact Mat Staver, founder of the Liberty Counsel? He represented Kim Davis in KY last year. Surely there is someone that can help you. This is an outrage!!

Prashant said...

Hi Ed,

I hope that you are able to find a suitable place to settle down again and to see you back launching broadsides against the intellectual dross soon.

I cannot appreciate enough the work you have done against probably the most difficult odds with writing novels and getting them published.

Thank you.

Rob McVey said...

Ed, I'm very sorry to hear about your latest situation. For many years I've admired your work, ergo you.

I hope you can mend.

— Rob McVey, T4B

blnelson2 said...

I too will miss your posts - they were the first hing I looked at when I got om my computer in the morning. I am surprised and sorry also to hear you can't find someplace in Texas that would be affordable (at least s affordable as New York) - so I was sorry to hear that. As to the fact that you are being attacked from many sides with seemingly no help (or very little, or not enough), I have one word for you: Shrug. With my thanks for everything you have provided us in the past, I too would like to be made aware if you publish in any other venue.

blnelson2 said...

thing not hing

Beth said...

You are most welcome to stay with me and my family until you find a permanent home or have defeated your enemies. What has been done to you is both evil and wrong. Please keep your efforts to correct the wrongs of this country and the defense of our right to freedom of speech. May God bless you and your efforts!

Unknown said...

Perhaps you already contacted Jay Sekulow at ACLJ?
Staying with people is not 'mooching', You could be in effect helping them, as much or if not more than they you.
Do not let pride rule, sometimes being humble is the right and brave thing to least until you get settled.
Thank you.

blnelson2 said...

Just wanted to add that I agree staying with people is not mooching - gifts (the gift of a place to stay) offered because you are of value to the person offering is certainly not mooching. I do disagree with Ms. Keigher that you have to be humble - in fact just the opposite - proud. Pride in your having created such value.

Drew said...

Seriously? Don't go! Come to my place you can stay with me till you get sorted. If they'll let you in Canada.