Friday, July 24, 2015

The Moderate Muslim Moonie II

When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way!
From your first cigarette to your last dyn’ day!*
(from the “Jet Song,” West Side Story)

When you’re a Muslim, you’re a Muslim all the way, from your first shahada to your last dying day?

The average Muslim is a maquette who is comfortable with a group
identity and is  unwilling or unable to venture beyond the group,
either from fear of retribution or from just plain mental inertia.
Not necessarily.  Islam hasn’t such a strong death grip on the minds of most Muslims that it can't be broken, provided one exercises a little thought and courage. There are numerous ex-Muslims – unfortunately, only a comparative handful out of the reported 1.3 billion – who have renounced Islam, repudiated it, abandoned it, and left the beard-and-burqa fold as apostates for other faiths and even to become atheists. These are individuals whose faculty of reason was never completely crushed or voluntarily surrendered by them to the toxic mare’s nest of Islamic theology and ethics. They have independent minds that have freed them to live life unburdened by fear of a vengeful ghost and the hard looks of neighboring Muslims.

It is the premise of this writer that Islam is evil – evil in its beginnings, evil in practice, evil in its epistemology and metaphysics, evil in its ethics. Islam is a nihilist, anti-life system, heads and tails, obverse or reverse, its politics and its religion. I’ve discussed this numerous times, for example, here, here, and here.
The urge to “belong” to “something greater” – Iranian
Shi’ite Muslims hold a mass Moonie-style wedding
 Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Now, if one were able to explain that in the simplest terms to your average Muslim, who would be armed only with a bag of halal groceries or a laundry basket instead of a gun or a machete, what do you think his response would be? A shutdown. An evasion. A practiced blank-out. A resentment for being put on the spot to defend his religion, which he knows he couldn’t do except by reciting some Koranic verse or referring to an Islamic authority. Perhaps he would let his emotions take over and assault you.

Perhaps he would go MSM on you and reply, “Your freedom of speech doesn’t extend to insulting my beliefs or hurting my feelings.”

Hugh Kenrick, in Sparrowhawk: Book Two, confronted with similar mentalities in Britain’s 18th century aristocracy, composed a doggerel about them, which he called the “Bilbury Lament”: “Blink, blink. It’s such a chore to think!”

So, you shouldn’t hold your breath for a series of questions or snappy rejoinders or even a string of expletives. Your eloquence would be answered by fear and evasion or the parroting of some “Islam is a religion of peace” line.

The warp and woof of Islam World are clueless because they’ve been taught not to think. Not to be receptive to reason. To reject reason as an enemy of Islam. They’ve been told that reason is infidel sophistry or Satan’s tool to lead the faithful and the believers astray into apostasy and sin, and against Allah’s will. They won't question the “received wisdom” of Mohammad.

However, not wanting to think, or not being able to because rank-and-file Muslims are largely lobotomized maquettes, doesn’t let them off the hook. The onus of rebuttal is still over them. That they can’t or won’t bother to think is no excuse. "There are no evil thoughts except one: the refusal to think," noted novelist/philosopher Ayn Rand.  Since any given Muslim is a mystic, she had further words about mystics:

Mysticism is the claim to some non-sensory, non-rational, non-definable, non-identifiable means of knowledge, such as “instinct,” “intuition,” “revelation,” or any form of “just knowing.”

They “just know” because the Koran told them so, just as their religious opposites and enemies, fundamentalist Christians, say that “the Bible tells them so.”

Your average Muslim, regardless of his trade or profession, if he were honest and not afraid to confess his dependency on the group, would say something like this:

“My identity isn’t self-made. I have no identity that is not linked to the group. I have no first-hand values. All my values are second-hand. Values are for the group to establish. My values are established by my brothers in spirit, who are also second-handers. I am but an empty vessel to be filled by others.  I have a need to belong to something greater than me. By myself, I am nothing. With my brothers, I am all. I don’t want the responsibility for living for my own sake. I live only to serve Allah, and the Prophet Mohammad is my model.”

Jihadis, however – whether they belong to ISIS or the Taliban or Al-Qaeda – know their creed is evil. They know they themselves are evil. They are the practicing nihilists who act to destroy the good for being the good. Else why would they flaunt their atrocities in graphic videos and photographs? They are not mere sociopaths. A virtuous man would not make a show of his virtue, except incidentally and not consciously. He doesn’t need to prove the efficacy of his virtue to anyone. This knowledge is also held by so-called “lone wolves” like Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, the Muslim who killed four Marines and a Navy sailor last week.

But it is the killer Muslims who need to prove the efficacy of their evil by broadcasting their atrocities to as wide an audience as possible, especially to those whom they wish to rape, maim, slaughter, or exterminate. They disguise their evil with quotations from the Koran and other Islam texts, and boast of being virtuous Muslims who are only following the teachings of Mohammad and enacting Allah’s will on earth. They want to show the living what is in store for everyone else. As their victims loved life, the jihadis love death. Not just their own deaths, but ours. The death of the Western, civilized world.

Demonstrating their skill and capacity to destroy is the only form of efficacy they can manage. It isn’t by performing “good works” by feeding the poor or fighting disease. ISIS is not the Peace Corps. It exists to destroy, not to teach irrigation techniques to backward tribes or how toothless hags can weave a better basket using green energy.  The ranks of ISIS are moved by the death wish of killer. They wish to die but want to make sure they take us with them. Frankly, I think the whole “martyrdom” meme that permeates Islam isn’t believed by most jihadis. I don’t think many of them actually buy the “All martyrs go to Paradise” line, either.

They want to die. But they don’t want you to live, either.

To paraphrase another West Side Story lyric: “Down deep inside, we're  no good! No earthly good! The best of us is no damn good!”

It’s a gang, like the Jets, or the Sharks. It’s a fraternity of nihilists. They have a compelling need to belong to something literally “greater than themselves.”

Militarily, ISIS can be defeated, by sending every last “Jet” to his last dyin’ day.


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