Monday, April 27, 2015

Obama’s Dreams of Texas and Beyond

Russian hackers who snuck into President Obama’s unclassified computer system at the White House inadvertently sent some of their booty to all sorts of people around the globe. Including to me. I don’t think they meant to, but some hacker’s fingers probably strayed and included me in the privileged few. And I don’t even speak Russian!

 In her April 7th report, “Russian hackers got Obama's schedule in White House cyberattack” in The Hill, Elise Viebeck wrote:

Russian hackers who hit the White House infiltrated an unclassified computer system and apparently accessed details about President Obama's schedule.

While the White House previously sought to downplay the seriousness of the hack, which took place last year, the intruders were able to see information about the president that was not publicly available, CNN reported Tuesday.

Officials briefed on the investigation told CNN that the incident was connected to a Russian cyberattack that also breached the State Department's network.

Intimate knowledge of Obama’s activities would be seen as valuable to foreign intelligence agencies like Russia’s.

Officials with knowledge of the investigation told CNN that Russian hackers were able to break into the White House system through their foothold within networks at the State Department.

The intrusion began when hackers sent what is known as a "phishing" email from a State Department account, infecting a White House computer with malware, the investigators said.

What came my way was the draft of a book being written (supposedly) by Barack Obama himself, tentatively titled Dreams for Me and Texas: A Fantasy.

I wish to share some of this 30,000-word draft with readers. It’s pretty damning and contains some knurly evidence that Barack Obama is a racist of the first order. But, if you’re a racist, you won't mind that.

Here are some excerpts on how Obama will start with Texas, then his successors will move on to the whole country. I wonder what Putin and the other Russians think of Dreams for Me and Texas. Its main theme is that whites are doomed to insignificance in the face of a massive invasion of blacks and browns and Muslims and other non-white, ciphered groups. Goodbye Beethoven. Hello third-rate folk tunes from third-rate countries. The book is probably being penned by Bill Ayers, Obama’s loyal but retired Weatherman pal, as Dreams From My Father likely was.

My Amnesty program has invited countless brown people to invade Texas and take it over. Once they’re organized they will:

  • Arrest all stinky white folks at and over the age of 65 and send them to the Creamery. That’s my nickname for a crematorium. Creameries will be erected by white indentured labor and located near major cities. The new Texas cannot be expected to support them at the cost of impoverishing black and brown people.
  • White people ages 30 up to 64 will be put on work gangs to build paved roads from the Mexican border to better facilitate the invasion, and employed on other public improvement projects. The goal is to make Texas mostly a black and brown state. Native black and brown people who don’t go along with the program will be incarcerated and “re-educated” to get their minds right about their ethnic heritage. The property and financial assets of all white people living in Texas will be seized and distributed to black and brown people.
  • All Texas Jews will be rounded up and sent to special Creameries.
  • All former and current American Border Patrol personnel caught in the new Texas will be executed by firing squad, using weapons confiscated from them or from the inventory of the Attorney General’s Fast and Furious arsenal, now under the supervision of the Blanco Cartel Polvo, the elite drug cartel.
  • Mexico will be closed to white tourists. White tourists caught in Mexico will be jailed and auctioned off to Mexican drug lords for ransom or slavery.
  • The new Texas government will sponsor and encourage guerilla raids into Arizona, New Mexico, California, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. ISIS ain’t got nothing over what my Free Texas plan has in store.
  • The top Texas cheerleading squads will be drafted to serve in special Recreational camps for the top black and brown leaders of the new Texas. Gals who resist will be put in special jails and paid visits by Mexican, Columbian, and Bolivian guys, you know, the ones with scary tattoos on their faces and heads and chess and butts. All criminal records of these guys will be erased, and they will be indemnified from any future “crimes” against white people they may commit. Idle black and brown criminals will be absorbed into the new workforce as managers of indentured white folks.
  • All institutions of education, from K-1 up through graduate school, will recalibrate their curricula to focus on Mexican, Latino, and Chicano culture and science, wherever the latter may be found.
  • Surviving white people will be compelled to learn Spanish and abjure their American citizenship. Those who resist will be tossed into shark-thick waters near Galveston and on the Gulf Coast.
  • The new Texas government will establish a pact of rapprochement with any and all drug cartels headquartered south of the non-border. The cartels will ship more invaders into Texas, in exchange for the cheerleaders of their choice (we will establish an online photo album), free cars, truckloads of beer and other alcohol and many more expropriated goodies.
  • The new Texas government will establish a pact of rapprochement with our Muslim brothers. Most Muslim invaders and “settlers” are of the black or brown suasion, so that’s not a worry. Muslims will not be required to learn Spanish, but surviving white people will be required to learn how to read and write Arabic or whatever other chicken scratch the “immigrants” and “refugees” bring with them, and required to pay jizya.
  • The Alamo in San Antonio – which will be renamed San Poncho Villa – will be either blown up or converted into a Chicano Heritage Museum and Educational Center.
  • The American flag will not be permitted to be flown or shown anywhere, under any circumstances, unless a Chicano, a Muslim, or a Chihuahua is crapping on it.
  • All movies depicting the “heroic” stand of the white settlers of Mexican territory at the Alamo against the legitimate territorial claims of General Antonio López de Santa Anna  will be banned, even if they’re badly made.
  • All white culture, such as classical music, ballet, and art, will be suppressed, carrying stiff penalties for anyone – including black and brown fools – caught watching or appreciating it.
  • All movie imports from the U.S. or abroad must be redubbed in Spanish or Arabic, depending on the new Texas market the movies are to be shown in.
  • All military bases and installations in Texas will be rechristened with the names of famous Mexican generals, politicians, artists, writers, and bandits.
  • All street names in all cities will be converted to their Spanish equivalents, or renamed entirely. “Jones Street,” for example, will be renamed “Garcia Calle.” All cities or entities that bear the names of the Texan “heroes” who humiliated General Santa Anna will expunge those names and find suitable substitutes of a Latino flavor.
  • There will be no white waltzing in the new Texas or any other kind of wussy white dancing. Surviving white folks will be compelled to learn the danza del sombrero mexicano, as performed by Mexico’s current star Chihuahua, “Pies Ligeros” Gonzales.
  • The Seinfeld episode “The Urban Sombrero” will not be permitted to be shown on television, not even if it is dubbed in Spanish. It treats Mexico’s contribution to human fashion with typically white, culturally imperialistic arrogance, and should not be made light of.
  • Dubbed renditions of The Treasure of Sierra Madre, in which white guys lose, will be permitted, so long as the stereotypical “we ain’t got no badges” scene is excised from the film.
  • Any white person calling black and brown policies censorship will be made to eat our words, literally.
  • All golf courses in Texas will be seized by the new Texas government and renamed after famous Mexican golfers. Did you know that golf was invented by Central African sportsmen 500 years ago, but stolen by those thieving Scotsmen? That’s why I play it so often. It’s the game of my ancestors.
After Obama’s Texas project is well underway, according to the document that was unintentionally sent to me,  plans will be activated to spread these policies to the other states of the Union. The sign-off on the document is: “Black lives matter. Brown lives matter. White lives don’t matter.”

How could anyone dare call Barack Obama a racist?


Edward Cline said...

I neglected to include one of Obama's most important points: "Asians of any extraction will be tolerated in the new Texas, so long as they aren't uppity and trying to show how smart they are."

Edward Cline said...

Lest anyone forget: Obama's racism has characterized his two terms and it's pretty obvious. No mainstream news outlet, not even political cartoonists, dares charge him with it. But everyone knows that he wants to "transform" the country by hook, crook, or force. He was "mentored" in his teen years in Hawaii by Frank Marhsall Davis, a communist and a racist himself. He's not very circumspect about his prejudices against whites. But no one has the courage to call him on the carpet about it, lest they be accused of racism in turn.