Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Israel Votes to Exist

You’d swear that Benjamin Netanyahu was Mephistopheles in disguise and had magically wangled a victory by hypnotizing the whole Israeli electorate! The New York Times, the Washington Post, David Axelrod, Barack Obama, are all mystified, their panties in a twist over Netanyahu’s landslide triumph! It must have been electoral chicanery! Dishonest sleights-of-hand! Netanyahu must have cast an alchemist’s spell on the Israelis! He must be in alliance with….Satan! He must have channeled Shirley MacClaine! The Iranians must have engineered Netanyahu’s victor! Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank were duped into voting for him! Or something!! It was a result of climate change! Martians stole the election for Netanyahu!

Call us Harvey Wallbanger! We don’t get it! We did our best – we, the Obama administration – did our best to scuttle this arrogant man’s bid for continued leadership, and interfered in Israeli politics by backing his opponents, we poisoned his wells and poured sugar into his gas tanks – but he won anyway! It’s not fair!

That Israelis wish to continue to live and not be sliced-and-diced by a Palestinian state and overrun by hordes of Muslims who love death more than life – this is a notion alien to the New York Times and other anti-Israel entities. The Israelis voted for a man who stymied Hamas in Gaza last year and who is in earnest to preserve the Israeli state and protect it from harm or destruction.

Something we Americans can't say about President Barack Obama.

Jodi Rudoren, writing for the New York Times on March 17th, in “Netanyahu Soundly Defeats Chief Rival in Israeli Elections,” expressed the Gray Lady’s anger and senility over Netanyahu’s victory by penning a vicious, petulant lead article that reads like a back-fence gossip rant. In her “objective” report on the election results, she accused Netanyahu of “offending” voters, resorting to last-minute “scorched-earth” tactics to snatch victory from the implied jaws of defeat, (implying that he was doomed to defeat), of insulting Arab voters, by calling Netanyahu’s campaign “divisive” and “racist,” by insinuating that the coalition government he might form is destined to querulous dissolution, and that his Likud party is a “right-wing” party (ergo fascist, can you hear those marching jackboots now?).

In two companion pieces on the same day about Netanyahu’s victory, the New York Times continued tantrum-throwing and shoe-pounding. Isabel Kershnermarch, in “Deep Wounds and Lingering Questions After Israel’s Bitter Race,” accused Netanyahu of a number of sins:

From the capitals of Europe, to Washington, to the West Bank, to the streets of Israel, even while his critics said Mr. Netanyahu had reaffirmed his reputation as a cynical, calculating politician, it appeared that his approach succeeded in drawing votes from other right-leaning parties.
But along the way he angered the president of the United States with a speech to Congress and infuriated European leaders eager to see the peace process move ahead to create a Palestinian state.


Tim C said...

Outstanding, Ed. In my view your views are probably the truest to real Objectivism (as Rand would have it) out of any of those currently commenting (with enough visibility for me to be aware of).

As is your skill at writing itself.

Edward Cline said...

Thank you, Tim. I try not to be stale.