Sunday, July 20, 2014

Detective Novels on Audio Books

I'm proud to announce that all the Chess Hanrahan detective novels, as well as most of the Cyrus Skeen period detective novels are on sale as audio books, print books, and on Kindle. Presence of Mind, a Hanrahan novel, and The Black Stone, have been approved by Amazon ACX and will be on sale soon. A narrator has been contracted to read The Head of Athena and The Daedâlus Conspiracy, both of which should be completed by the end of August and by September respectively.

All the novels are also available in Great Britain, Canada, and Europe.

The Sparrowhawk series, republished under the The Patrick Henry Press imprint after the original publisher, MacAdam/Cage, defaulted on most of its contracts and filed for bankruptcy last December, is also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If thinking of purchasing a title from this series, be sure to look for The Patrick Henry Press edition as print books and on Kindle. 

Pictured above is the cover of the seventh title in the Cyrus Skeen series, The Pickwick Affair. It will probably be made into an audio book late Fall. The book is already on Kindle.


Prashant said...

Thank You Ed.

I love all your books and wish there was scope for further Chess Hanrahan and Merritt Fury novels.
You have brilliantly articulated and portrayed the state of current politics and culture in those series.
Cheers for getting the publishing matter with the Sparrowhawk series resolved.


Edward Cline said...

Prashant: Thank you. However, the Sparrowhawk issue remains unresolved. While MacAdam/Cage did not in any of its contracts with me claim exclusive or any rights to the ebook editions of the series, it illegally sold those "rights" to MP Publishing in Britain. MP has been selling those editions thru various venues, particularly iTunes, and has not paid me any royalties. Barnes & Noble and Amazon honored my request that MP's editions of my work be removed from their sales venues. The legal department of iTunes, however, has simply ignored my quest and continue to sell those editions. The Authors Guild has reviewed my three contracts with MacAdam and seconded the finding that MacAdam had no claim and no right to the "electronic" versions of the series. For all practical purposes, MP's editions are pirated versions. Instigating a suit against MP, which now has U.S. offices as well as in Britain, would be astronomical in cost. MacAdam screwed dozens of other of its former stable of authors in a similar fashion with MP.

Prashant said...

I did not realize that. Lets hope more people know of this and get the correct editions.