Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Muhammad B..B..B..Blasphemy!

In response to the recent threats made by Islamists against the creators of South Park, here is my homage to Elvis and blasphemy to the prophet Muhammad and his wicked and intolerant disciples who threaten freedom of speech.

The original Elvis album cover and my inspiration is featured below:

UPDATE: Here's Ed Cline's blasphemous take on the prophet:


Retep said...

"You can spot jam art easily, it always supersedes found content as it re-arranges it. Causing you to reflect on the nature of what you're actually encountering"

-Crosley Bendix

John R Schaler III said...

I have actual photos of Muhammad being sodomized by a diseased baboon. I wonder if I should have one replicated and projected on the night sky when the cloud conditions are right? Actually, I don't wonder; the real question is where?

Anonymous said...

John Schaler: Who took those photos? Matthew Brady who had a time machine? Or one of his ancestors? Frankly, I didn't know baboons were so friendly as to service a human. In one sentence, you undercut the whole history of photography! But the more important question is: Were baboons indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula? Did they thrive there? And did they migrate to the African continent after Mohammed began the first jihad against unbelievers?
Ed ;-)

Anonymous said...

Keep the drawings of Mohammed coming!!!

Tim Lebsack said...

I hope posting a link isn't considered blasphemous.

I caricatured the Flying Spaghetti Monster in support of Parker and Stone.