Monday, January 05, 2009

Richard Ebeling to be at Clemson Conference

In my previous post advertising the 2009 Clemson Summer Student Conference on Atlas Shrugged and the Moral Foundations of Capitalism, I indicated that there would be a "to be announced" expert on the economics of laissez-faire capitalism. According to the conference website, Dr. Richard Ebeling, an esteemed economist in the tradition of the Austrian school and longtime admirer of Ayn Rand, will return to the conference, presumably to lecture on the economics of capitalism. Dr. Ebeling joins Objectivists intellectuals Dr. Andrew Bernstein, Dr. Eric Daniels, Dr. Onkar Ghate and Dr. Brad Thompson to compose the faculty for the upcoming event.

To reiterate from my previous post, this conference is a great opportunity for college students to learn more about Objectivism applied to defending laissez-faire capitalism!


Anonymous said...

Is he really Dr. Ebeling? The bio doesn't mention a Ph.D., only an M.A. It's depressing that there are no Objectivist economists with Ph.D.s to speak of. There's Reisman, I guess, but he's no longer really with us. And even this Ebeling guy is affiliated with the hideous Lew Rocwell-run von Mises Institute. I hope that ARI thinks that he's good in spite of this.

Burgess Laughlin said...

I don't know the Clemson Institute's policy on invitations. Is an invitation an endorsement--or an opportunity for educational discussion and debate where there are differences?

Students of Objectivism and economics would surely benefit from seeing comparisons and contrasts--especially if the question arises of why one supports capitalism.

Gideon said...

At AIER's website under staff Richard Ebeling is listed as a Ph.D.