Monday, January 05, 2009

How Hamas Brainwashes Children

I came across a few videos of a Palestinian children's program called The Pioneers of Tomorrow. This show has aired on Al-Aqsa TV, a Hamas-run television station since April 2007. As you can probably infer, this show regularly presents a few deeply disturbing anti-Israel and anti-West themes.

For example, in the above video, an obvious knock-off of Mickey Mouse named Farfour receives instructions from his dying grandfather to guard his Homeland that has been taken from him since 1948 and "occupied by Jews". Farfour swears to his grandfather (who is portrayed by a relatively youthful actor) that he will protect this land. To consummate and symbolize this pledge, Farfour is handed a key that looks like a piece of scrap metal and a document that looks like an empty beanbag. Although this show is obviously meant to appeal to children, note that the "evidence" of the true ownership of Israel is portrayed as a secret passed down through Palestinian lore. This suggests a grand conspiracy concerning the real history and the rightful owners of Israel. Farfour then laments how his homeland is occupied by "filthy, plundering Jews" who "killed his grandfather."

Later in this video, Farfour is interrogated by a man portrayed as a government agent who has a flag resembling the flag of Israel behind him. The flag is Israel's flag without the Star of David in the center. The man, exhibiting increasing hostility, demands to buy the land from Farfour, who refuses to "sell to terrorists." This heated exchange escalates into Farfour getting pummeled by the g-man and the video ends with the show's young hostess narrating that Farfour was beaten to death while "defending his homeland."

First of all, this is obviously perverse, as the video implies an Israeli agent beating an innocent and childlike Palestinian to death to acquire land, which suggests to Palestinian children that this is one of the methods in which Israelis originally acquired land to form there state. In particular, I found the Israeli agent's forceful offer to buy the land teaches Palestinian children that when Israeli's originally purchased land in Palestine [1], it was not actually a voluntary exchange.

This is the second video chilling episode that I encountered. In this video, a giant pink bunny named "Assud" learns that his older brother (who is a giant bee) was martyred because he was not permitted to be treated in a hospital in El Arish. This is an obvious reference to how Egypt closed the Rafah border since the Hamas militantly took control of the Gaza strip, which prevents wounded Palestinians from being treated in a hospital in the nearby Egyptian town of El Arish [2]. Even though Egyptians closed the border, Hamas propaganda still is content with blaming this political predicament entirely on Israel. After briefing grieving over the death of his insect-brother, Assud proudly declares that "just like how Rahoul took Farfour's place after [Farfour] was martyred" he will "bring smiles and joy" to all of the children of Palestine, the Arab world and the Islamic world by taking Rahoul's place. Assud then goes on to discuss this pledge with the show's eleven-year-old hostess Saraa. After hearing Assud reiterate his pledge, Saraa indicates that "we (meaning all children who view the show) are ready to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of our homeland" and continues with "we will sacrifice our souls and everything we own for our homeland."

One can draw several disturbing inferences from this declaration. One, this show glorifies dedicating one's life for the "liberation" of Palestine and the implied slaughter of its inhabitants. Two, this echos and encourages the Arab cultural values of honor (which mandates that one make such a declaration) and revenge. Three, this dialogue emphasis how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not just a local issue but a global issue for the entire Islamic world.

The last disturbing video that I encountered from The Pioneers of Tomorrow concerns the Danish cartoons. In this video, the child-hostess Saraa indicates that "the West" has launched an attack on the Prophet Muhammad. Note the collectivism in her statement. This is teaching Palestinian children to not view these cartoons as the decision of a few individuals but as being endorsed by the entire Western world. Later, the discussion concludes that the West has launched these attacks because Muslims have "forsaken the religion of Allah." As a remedy, Saraa proposes that Muslims should practice their faith more vigorously. In addition, Saraa then pledges that the "soldiers of the Pioneers of Tomorrow" (note the militant language used to refer to the children viewing this program) will "redeem the Prophet with all that they possess", "even with their blood". Assud, the giant pink bunny, agrees and adds that they will "kill the infidels" if they dare make any future affronts to the Prophet.

This is truly disturbing indeed. This perverse, state-sanctioned indoctrination is one of many reasons why we must all morally support Israel as it wages war on Hamas and other Islamic terrorist groups.

[1] For more information on this, see The Case for Israel by Alan Dershowitz, pg 24. Google books



Tim C said...

The Little Green Footballs site has covered this extensively; I'd recommend it as regular reading (note, not an endorsement of all content/commenters etc, as they do tend towards the conservative side). The site does a great job of exposing lots of goings-on that the MSM/left would rather ignore/you not know about.

Bruce V. Bracken said...

I'm reminded of a scene in the TV version of Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World", in a schoolroom where the teacher was leading the children in this chant: "Death is nice, death is fun, death is good for everyone!"

Doug said...

Thanks for the pointer to Little Green Footballs. I had no idea that they discussed this issue.

S.M. Oliva said...

Objectivists backing genocide. What a surprise. Of course, you won't be satisfied simply murdering every man, woman and child in Gaza -- I know you won't rest until every non-white, non-Objectivist is dead and buried. Then the perfect society will rise.

Nicholas Provenzo said...

>Objectivists backing genocide. What a surprise. Of course, you won't be satisfied simply murdering every man, woman and child in Gaza -- I know you won't rest until every non-white, non-Objectivist is dead and buried. Then the perfect society will rise.

One wonders what Mr. Oliva thinks about the attacks launched out of Gaza against Israel. Apparently he thinks that it is acceptable for the Palestinians to support the utter destruction of Israel and that's not support for genocide, but Israel's action in Gaza is.

Do the Palestinians have a better enough antitrust policy over Israel's that it somehow justifies Israel's obliteration? Just what are the Israelis allowed to do to defend themselves?

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Oliva said:
"I know you won't rest until every non-White, non-Objectivist is dead . . ."

I think there ought to be a corollary to Godwin's Law: Whoever calls his opponent a racist loses the argument.

Bruce V. Bracken said...

Objectivists backing genocide.

Is this somebody posing as Skip Oliva? I don't recall seeing any of that garbage in his writings.

Philosophical Mortician said...

I think we hurt Oliva's feelings. Perhaps he would like to rehearse mortar and rocket bunker drills as the Israelis do???