Sunday, December 21, 2008

2009 Clemson Summer Conference on Atlas Shrugged and the Moral Foundations of Capitalism

I am excited the announce the 2009 Clemson Summer Conference on Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged and the Moral Foundations of Capitalism. This event is a three-day workshop for college students. Students attend lectures, participate in small group discussions, and have free time to discuss and debate the ideas presented in the formal sessions. Throughout the three days of sessions, students have ample opportunity to speak one-on-one with faculty and ask them questions in a more informal setting.

The conference will be held on May 29th - May 31st. Students will arrive on Thursday, May 28th and will depart on Monday, June 1st. Please note that full scholarships are available to conference attendees. Graduate students are also invited to apply (I attended as a graduate student) but preference for scholarships will be given to undergraduates.

This year's faculty includes four Ayn Rand Institute intellectuals:
* Dr. Andrew Bernstein (Professor at Marist College)
* Dr. Eric Daniels (Professor at Clemson University)
* Dr. Onkar Ghate (Dean of Objectivist Academic Center)
* Dr. Brad Thompson (Professor at Clemson University)
* a to-be-announced expert on economics.

The tentative schedule includes:
* Individual Rights, Law and Capitalism (3-day class)
* Ethics and Capitalism (3-day class)
* Economics of Capitalism (3-day class)
* History of Capitalism (2-day class)
* Group discussions on Atlas Shrugged
* Roundtable discussion on Capitalism

Please note that the deadline to apply is in March 5th.

Speaking from personal experience, I think this conference is a wonderful opportunity to enhance one's understanding of the philosophy of Ayn Rand as well as on the proper moral defense of laissez-faire capitalism. Even those of you who are already well-read on Objectivism will find this conference very beneficial. In addition to the educational benefits, you will have three days to interact with the faculty as well as have the opportunity to make several new friends who share your values.

You can learn more about the conference, including how to apply, here:


Burgess Laughlin said...

> ". . . the opportunity to make several new friends who share your values."

I would like to reinforce this point. About 15 to 20 years ago, I attended three national Objectivist conferences. I met there individuals who have remained friends through all these years even though I am no longer able to travel freely to see them directly.

Making contacts at conferences can bring friendships and can build the kind of network that may aid you for the remainder of your life. This may be especially important for young people in the possibly very difficult decades ahead.

Tenure said...

I would like to further reinforce the above point. I live in the UK, so I think of myself as a bit of a weird-o. There are other UK Objectivists out there, but there are no opportunities to meet up.

Clemson was a chance for me to meet people I might actually agree with something about. There was a mix of Libertarians and Objectivists, but good fun was had by all.

I highly recommend taking advantage of this conference if you have the time. I do warn you, however, you will get very little sleep in between the endless discussions that go on into the night. :D