Monday, November 03, 2008

An Obama Militant Youth Group and the Parallels to Fascism

Anyone familiar with the rise of Fascism in the early 20th century should see the clear parallels in the Obama campaign. The Obama campaign is filled with unjust attacks on free market capitalism, vague promises of revolutionary changes, a platform of unprecedented expansions of government control of the economy and a wide-scale cult of personality. Several specific economic promises of the Obama campaign include:

Now consider Mussolini's crafting of Fascist Italy. Mussolini's platform included:
  • a minimum wage
  • an eight-hour workday
  • old-age and pension reform
  • a large progressive tax on capital [1].
More alarmingly, Hitler's National Socialist (Nazi) Party included provisions on:
  • breaking "rent-slavery" (think Obama's war on poverty and his campaign for affordable housing)
  • confiscating all war profits (think Obama's criticisms of the profits of oil companies when gasoline prices surged)
  • expansion on a large scale of old age welfare (think Obama's staunch commitment to preserving social security, Medicare and Medicaid)
  • prevention of speculation in land (think of the blaming of commodity speculators and subprime lenders)
  • National health care (think Obama's universal health care)
  • media controls. Specifically, restrictions requiring state-licenses for Non-German newspapers, laws abolishing "any financial interest" in German publications, laws forbidding any publications counter to the "general good" as well as legal prosecution of any art or literature that exert a "destructive influence" on "national life." (think Obama's support for net-neutrality and encouraging diversity in media ownership)
  • a general statement that the state is charged with "providing the opportunity for a livelihood and way of life for the citizens." [2]
One major similarity that has always been lacking pertains to the absence of an Obama militant youth group. Mussolini, after all, had his blackshirts and Hitler had his Hitler Youth. However, I recently encountered this part-scary, part-laughable video of an "Obama Youth" militant group.

Fortunately, this goofy but militantly disciplined youth group seems to be the product of an extremist Obama fanatic who is not representative of Obama's campaign. Nevertheless, I think the ludicrous worship of Obama displayed by these young men is merely taking the emotional appeal of the Obama campaign to its extreme but logical conclusion.

This post is not intended to be an implicit endorsement of John McCain.

[1] Source is Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg. Needless to say, this is not a primary source.
[2] Source is also
Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg. The quotes are direct from Goldberg's book. I drew all comparisons to Obama's platform.


Anonymous said...

It's apparent you know little about Black Fraternities. Stepping has been done for's cultural tradition. I'm honestly not sure how you've come to such conclusions after watching the video or reading some of the comments. I'm a free-market capitalist, but this... you're using this video as an example? Just strange...

C. August said...


What in the hell do "Black Frats" have to do with the overall point? Regardless of decades of "cultural tradition", the embedded video fits well with the themes mentioned in the text of the post, drawing parallels to the more frightening aspects of youth indoctrination that was a hallmark of WWII totalitarian ideologies. Nothing you said disputed this.

Yes, the boys in the video certainly displayed aspects of the "stepping" that is popular in black culture, but the more important part is the overall message. What are the _words_ they are using?

I'd suggest being less concerned with the popularity of something, and pay more attention to the actual content.

Andrew E. said...

I agree, in a way, with "anonymous." While I in no way whatsoever support Obama, it seems you're reaching with this one in relation to the video.

These guys come off as silly frat pledges at best or worse yet, plain old naive. More than anything else, it's just embarassing to watch. Forgive me if I'm sort of tickled rather than terrified.

J. Derks said...

Doug wrote:

"This post is not intended to be an implicit endorsement of John McCain."

Good thing that it isn't; because his, McCain's, fascism includes the aim of controlling tissues internal to the female body. I don't think violation of individual rights comes in a more blatant form--exceeding, as it does, even those proposed by Obama. (It might also be worth mentioning here that the Obama "personality cult" has an obvious parallel in the other camp--in the form of those godawful "Palinistas.")

Michael Smith said...

Remember what Obama said in a speech this summer:

We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

Whether or not this turns out to be something like Mussolini’s blackshirts or the Hitler Youth remains to be seen, but I wouldn’t bet against it.

Doug said...

So what are these unreasonable "conclusions" that you guys assume that I have come to because of the video I posted? Keep in mind that I used adjectives such as "part-laughable", "goofy" and "ludicrous" in addition to "militant" to describe them.

Jim May said...

Germany still has a few of those, including the prohibition against profiting on real estate. If you sell a house in Germany, the local government pockets the profits.

Kent h said...

For one, im assuming you have no context in which to view this video,

two, you state yourself that this is not the work of the obama campaign but of an individual.

If you want to suggest to people that a facist state is coming i think you need more than this video and some vague similarities about national socialism.

could not those similarites by related to the fact the the economy is in the shitter, similar to german in the 20's and 30's??