Thursday, October 30, 2008


Or so says the New York Post.

Invoking the novelist Ayn Rand, Gov. Paterson yesterday sounded a conservative message of tax cuts, business development, and fiscal restraint before Congress - even as he sought billions of federal dollars to help the state cope with its massive looming deficits.

. . . Paterson cited Rand, a libertarian icon, and her best-seller "The Fountainhead," noting the novel proclaimed that "our country, the greatest country in the world, was founded on the basis of individuals, where people were encouraged to adventure, not to be complacent; to be daring, not dormant; to prosper, not to plunder."

He went on to say that a failure to live by those principles, combined with a lack of transparency and governmental oversight, had "brought us to the point where our nation faces a downturn in its economy only rivaled by the Great Depression."
The aericle goes on to describe how Paterson then proceeded to ask for more federal money for New York.

I have to admit, I simply find it amusing that Ayn Rand's name got a mention in a New York Post headline. I don't know where Patterson is getting the idea that Rand advocated federal favors for the states, but hey, it's still a New York Post mention and as everybody knows, the Post is the world's greatest newspaper, ever. And there you have it.

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