Thursday, October 09, 2008

CAC's Edward Cline to appear on the Barry Farber Show

Ed is slated to appear on the Barry Farber Show ( at 8:35 PM ET to talk about his article "The Congressional Betrayal of America."

To listen in, please visit and click on the speaker icon on the right of the web page at the appointed hour. Please note that you must convert the show times to your time zone – i.e., on the east coast the show time is 8:00 pm.

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Rick "Doc" MacDonald said...

Great performance. Thank you.

z said...

Opened Barry Farber's archives. Clicked on Thursday show and wmv said the link couldn't be found. Figures. I tried monday, tues, wed, and fri and they all worked.
Thursday didn't. It was thurs right? I emailed the website to let them know. Please post if this interview is available somewhere else.

Ryan said...


Exact same thing happened to me earlier today. And I thought the same thing, it figures. Hopefully we'll all be able to hear it somewhere soon.

Z said...

I'd really like to hear this interview. But if i cant, Ed, could you post a synopsis of how things went?