Saturday, September 06, 2008

Welcome a new contributor to the Rule of Reason!

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to Doug as a new contributor to the Rule of Reason. Doug (who will be posting here on a strictly first name basis) just moved to the D.C. area and is beginning his career as an assistant professor of mathematics at an area college. Doug has been interested in Objectivism for over five years and tells me that he greatly enjoys working as an amateur intellectual activist during his free time. He says that his intellectual interests include economics, history and policy analysis, especially those concerning winning the war on Islamic totalitarianism.

Doug is also a voracious reader. As of late, he has been writing a flurry of book reviews on and I thought that his reviews would be a welcome addition to the Rule of Reason. One thing I sorely miss with the Ayn Rand Institute's absorption of the Second Renaissance Bookstore is SRB's reviews of non-Objectivist books that would nevertheless be of interest to Objectivist readers. There are many authors with valuable identifications to make and I look forward to Doug bringing the virtues (and the vices) of these writers to our attention.

In addition to his writing here, Doug says that there is plenty of opportunity for constructive and effective intellectual activism on He writes:

In addition to writing book reviews from an Objectivist perspective, intellectual activism on also includes properly rating certain reviews as well as leaving constructive comments on threads pertaining to highly read books. If you truly find my reviews helpful, please rate them as helpful. If my reviews receive good ratings, then they get higher visibility. I plan to earn a presence as a "top" book reviewer on

All of my reviews on can be found here.
And with that, welcome aboard, Doug!

PS: And if you are interested in writing for the Rule of Reason, please feel free to drop us a line at


Martin Lindeskog said...


Welcome to the rational part of the blogosphere!

I am interested in discussing a potential book review section on my blog talk radio / podcasting show.

I have conducted two programs so far, one interview with Allen Forkum and one interview with Edward Cline.

Best Premises,

Martin Lindeskog - American in Spirit.
Gothenburg, Sweden.

Rory said...

Welcome Doug! :D