Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pro-life radio talk show host Barbara Simpson says I should be beaten up

This comes to me from Jason in Denver:

I thought you should know, if you don't already, that KSFO talk show host Barbara Simpson (a conservative) commented on your pro-abortion article on her radio show in San Francisco.

She is pro-lifer, Catholic, and she writes for WorldNet Daily. She was very negative about your article. In fact she said that you "deserve to be taken out into an alley, and beaten up."

Simpson can be an interesting talk show host, with some correct views, but her comments about you are sickening, and my opinion of her has changed forever.

You can hear her comments online at KSFO560.com. Go to the 7-Day Archives, for Saturday 9-20-08. Click on the 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM hour. Her comments start at about 35-36 minutes into the show. Do listen soon, as they will take down the archive on Saturday 9-27-08.
If this is true (which I have not confirmed), Barbara Simpson (who I don't know from Adam) is human scum who deserves no audience whatsoever. It is one thing to disagree on a political question. It another thing altogether to call for or incite physical violence. And let me make this perfectly clear: this is the disgusting nature of the "Pro-Life" movement in action.

Update: This has been confirmed. After distorting my premise, reading a sentence of mine out of context and equating all abortion with murder, Barbara Simpson says that "there was a day when someone would take somebody like this Provenzo guy out in an alley and beat him beyond whatever. He deserves it."

Here's an MP3 clip of Simpson's rant.


z said...

I wonder if this will lead the way to you getting savaged by Michael Savage!!! When you get a death threat from him, you've arrived, baby!

Brian said...

Some descriptions of Provenzo's statements by Barbara:


"a pro-Eugenics view"

"There was a day when someone would take a guy like Provenzo out in an alley and beat him beyond... whatever... he deserves it."

"disgusting insult"

She also pronounces "Ayn Rand" as "Anne Rand".