Monday, September 22, 2008

Pet Your Little Zygote ... Knock Yourself Out

Our dear conservative freinds at the National Review pointed out that I had some catchy one-liners when I was on the Laura Ingraham Show today, including one that they felt might make a good T-Shirt.

Might? You just can't let inspiration like that pass you by. It is my honor to present to you the Center for the Advancement of Capitalism's First Ever T-Shirt, the "Pet Your Little Zygote ... Knock Yourself Out" special avalible through our CafePress store. Here's the graphic:

And here's the Men's T-shirt. Yup, I know exactly what you are thinking: "Is that just your Zygote, or are you happy to see me?"

And you ladies won't feel left out with our Spaghetti Tee:

And yes, even you Moms to be can get in on the action with our special Maternity Tee:

My view? It's so wrong, it's gotta be right.


Dan G. said...

That's pretty sexy there Nick. Sexy + inflammatory = success! (I think, my math might be a little rusty)

Spratacus said...


In my professional opinion, this T-shirt makes some good, important, and fundamental points.


Spratacus Jones, Professional

Jack Galt said...

I absolutely love it. Someone should send Ingraham the maternity shirt. ROTFLOL!

Renee Katz said...

Oh my God are you famous now? You're getting mentioned everywhere. Conservatives all over the internet apparently hate you now.

Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion for another T shirt: How about, "Argument from intimidation: The Laura Ingraham Show". Cheers from London.

Kelly said...

I'm trying to find your article on Palin and her decision to carry a disabled pregnancy to term. Your page is taking forever to load, however, probably because you have comments that aren't on a separate page.

I read it over in a forum. Someone posted it there (with proper citation, of course). I wanted to thank you for writing it. I was thinking of writing something similar for awhile, but I wasn't quite sure how to word it. So thank you.

Can you give me the URL to the actual post? Thanks.

revereridesagain said...

Nick, back in the '80s there was a great pro-choice pin that read "Defeat de Fetus Fetishists".

How abot "Got Zygote? Sarah Sez You're Outa Luck."

"Don't Ask Me, I'm Just the Incubator."

Islamism running rampant, the Dems threatening to push the economy over the brink, and what has got the Religious Right all in a lather? Zygote "rights". Don't know whether to laugh or cry. Or scream.

Greg Morrison said...

Kelly, while I'm not clear about the original source of this evolving controversy, I think somehow the Lew Rockwellian folk got wind of Nick's statements right here. Nick has since posted several times about abortion, so I would simply suggest that you (wade through and) go back about 3 days or so and read what he wrote here on this online journal. Pretty much everything which you need to know about this controversy is here as the relevant time frame has still been within a week.

By the way, I checked your online journal as well. Congratulations on making your way through the process of being an expectant mother! :-D By the same token, I have to say that Nick has done an absolutely admirable job expressing the Objectivist position on abortion which simply amounts to that sorely misunderstood concept: choice. That's really the essence of his argument. A woman should be allowed to choose. As Nick indicated, it's precisely because Palin had foreknowledge i.e. the ability to make a _fully-informed choice_ that she should be taken to task ethically for simply wanting to have a child no matter what the negative costs will be to that very child.

It's one thing to say that Palin has the right to choose as she has. No Objectivist is disputing that, but when it comes to morality (we're not talking just the derivative of politics now!), Palin should be criticized for not operating in a rational manner where the consequences can be quite grave for her child and, in point of fact, for herself. How anyone can argue with this sensible position can, as far as I can see, only come down to holding a bad philosophy. Such is the case with altruism which is a thoroughly disingenuous moral code.

Good fortune on the birth and raising of your child!

RyanTheEgoist said...

That is RICH.

Gideon said...

Okay, I have to admit I am not a big fan of t-shirts with political/philosophical messages. Perhaps I'm slow but I also don't get really the image here. Is the naked woman holding her underwear?

Steve Rodgers said...

Here is my interpretation, Gideon:

It's a graphic an alluring woman, dropping her panties and enticing you ever so suggestively to "pet" her little zygote and knock yourself out while doing so. I believe that Nick is responding to the National Review mocking his abortion-rights stand by turning something he said criticizing Ingraham's fetish with undifferentiated cells into something sexually provocative. In case you are still not getting this Gideon, this is very clever, in your face and subtle all rolled into one. After all, a lot of conservatives don't even like sex unless it leads to the birth of a baby.

And I don't mean this in a bad way, in fact, I'm sure you're quite an awesome person in many important regards, but you something of a dork for not getting this. :-P

I'm Steve Rodgers and I approve this message.

Gideon said...

Okay, okay the dork gets it now. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm buying one!