Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Peek-a-boo comments problem in Firefox

I'm working on a fix to solve the problem users have having with slow load times when reading the blog in Firefox. We had put in a script to allow peek-a-boo comments and while this functionality seems to work fine in IE, it doesn't work in Firefox, hence the long load time.

As a temporary fix, I've hidden the comments in my Palin piece as they were the single-largest cause of the long load-time in Firefox (and that was the main reason I decided to turn comments off for that post anyways). We'll bring those comments back live after we get the code straightened out, which will hopefully be later today.

And as always, we apologize to our readers for this snafu.

Update: Fixed the comments problem, but caused another with the wrong text shading . . . we're working on it, but for now, the page should load faster and all the comments are open.

Update II: Everything is all fixed. Sorry for the hassle; like you, I hate slow loading websites and I hate even more that our blog became one of them.


Kelly said...

Ah, much better now. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks!! You are one of my favorite Objectivist websites and it was also taking a long time to load in Safari.