Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Provenzo in the Wall St. Journal

Today the Wall St. Journal printed my reply to its recent op-ed praising the government's current attempt to block the proposed merger of Inova Health Systems of Northern Virginia and Prince William Hospital.

The Journal applauded the FTC's effort to block the proposed merger of Inova and PWHS on the grounds that Inova's use of zoning law and other political efforts to restrict its competitors makes it a coercive threat to competition and a legitimate target for antitrust enforcement. The error in such a position is that there is no such thing as a legitimate target for antitrust enforcement; these laws are no different from any other political interference in the marketplace.

Nicholas Provenzo
The Center for the Advancement of Capitalism


Anonymous said...

Good letter, Nick. You're racking up a published letter score.


Paul said...

Nice job! The more rational voices in venues such as the WSJ, the better.