Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Something of a setback . . .

I report on it here. Don't worry though; I'm fine.


Bruce said...

And some people think that Objectivists don't have a sense of humor. Highly illogical of them. *raised eyebrow*

Anonymous said...

Very petty of you to include ad hominem against Skip Oliva.
Otherwise, the piece was humorous.

Anonymous said...

I have to defend Nick here: knowing both Skip and Nick from our days at GW, believe you me, Skip got off **easy**. Nick told a very inside joke, but since I get it, I have to say, I almost wet myself laughing.

Hope you get that yacht re-floated and back in the fight, Nick!

Anonymous said...

Ad hominem -- "appealing to one's prejudices, emotions, or special interests rather than to one's intellect or reason." That describes the petty remarks the post made about Skip Oliva.

And I'm 25+ lbs overweight but no one's ever posted about that on my blog or on their own blogs. They probably figure, quite rightly, that I'm spending my time in the library rather than at a gym.

I just don't see why the pettiness has to mar an otherwise fine blog.

Anonymous said...

ROTF-LMMFAO!! They say that all humor is born from pain—in this case, the severe pain of being trapped in a confined space with Skip Oliva!

25 lbs overweight—sure, you might spend a lot of time reading. Green teeth, cut your own hair with a garden shear and smell like the cross between a cat box and pile of used jock straps, and its time to wonder if you are playing with all 52 in your deck.

Don't let any of these party-poopers bring you down--you go with your bad self, Nick!