Tuesday, April 01, 2008

If Wafa Sultan is not free, I am not free

Wafa Sultan, the indomitable defender of the West against the savagery of Islamic coercion has been forced into hiding in response to a fatwa issued against her by an Islamic scholar (HT: Noodlefood, LGF). From the report I read, it is not clear just who issued the threat or what country he or she lives in, but if this threat is confirmed, I think America's response should be plain. Either this person is arrested and punished for issuing a death threat by his home government, or our government should bomb that nation until it submits.

Ms. Sultan is an American citizen and no one has a right to threaten her life for any reason; it is our government's mission to protect her and anyone else's right to speak openly and freely about any subject they choose, including the depravity of Islam. A foreign power that permits death edicts against the lives of Americans is committing an act of war and it is the duty of our government to treat these acts as such.

If Wafa Sultan is not free to speak her mind, than neither you nor I are free to speak ours. None of us can tolerate this encroachment upon our ability to communicate our ideas. It will be telling to see just what our government's response to this outrage will be, and I suspect we will have to fight long and hard to compel it to take the proper steps in defense of our liberty.


C. August said...

If Wafa Sultan is not free to speak her mind, than neither you nor I are free to speak ours.

This is a great point, and I too am outraged by this. I do have a question about one of your assertions, however.

You said that if another nation permitted the death threats -- by that I take it that you mean that they didn't prosecute the threatener -- that it would be an act of war.

This is mostly a technical question about what would constitute an act of war in a case like this. Let's assume that the state did not foster or promote the death threat, but only allowed it to exist without interference. Does that rise the the act of war level? Does it take active participation in or support of the fatwa for it to be an act of war?

Please note that if such a nation did commit an act of war, I agree with your position that we should bomb them until they submit. I'm just not clear on what the objective definition of "act of war" is, and when we would be justified in bombing. Is a threat enough? Or does it need to be something like the Jefferson and the Barbary Pirates, where actual physical force was initiated by the Muslim nations with the pirates as their proxies?

Paul Eres said...

Five years ago today.