Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hey, who turned out the lights?

Next time this comes to the US, we'll need to rent some floodlights:

Sydney's iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge went dark Saturday night as the world's first major city turned off its lights for this year's Earth Hour, a global campaign to raise awareness of climate change.

A lightning show was the brightest part of Sydney's skyline during Earth Hour, which began at 8 p.m. when the lights were turned off at the city's landmarks. Most businesses and homes were already dark as Sydney residents embraced their second annual Earth Hour with candlelight dinners, beach bonfires and even a green-powered outdoor movie.

"This provides an extraordinary symbol and an indication that we can be part of the solution" to global warming, Australian Environment Minister Peter Garrett told Sky News television, standing across the harbor from the dark silhouette of the Opera House.

[. . . ] Following Australia, lights will go out in major Asian cities including Manila and Bangkok before moving to Europe and North America as the clock ticks on. One of the last major cities to participate will be San Francisco — home to the soon-to-be dimmed Golden Gate Bridge.

[. . .] Even popular search engine Google put its support behind Earth Hour, with a completely black page and the words: "We've turned the lights out. Now it's your turn." [Tanalee Smith, Associated Press Writer]
That's right; it's our turn to point out that this effort is complete garbage. Here we have an attempt to meld a common sense position (don't waste energy) with little more than anti-human nihilism. The light bulb literally brings us out from the darkness and it has served as poignant symbol of human creativity and genius, yet here, the light bulb is turned into a symbol of depravity and destruction—and all on the basis of the environmentalist's creed that nature has an intrinsic value separate from man's life and the spectral claim of man-made doom.

I say that the next time the environmentalists attempt to darken an American monument as a symbol of their movement we should light it back up emblazoned with an appropriate counter-message. Industry and technology vastly improves the quality of our lives and this world-wide push toward darkness shows just how desperately these values need to be defended.


LB said...

It is here, and I was invited by a friend to join!

Certainly, I not only refused the invitation from my friend, but responded saying that we would not be joining in any efforts to send man back to the dark ages - symbolically or otherwise.

Instead, we will be turning all the lights in and around our house ON tonight between the hours of 8-9.

Amy said...

Hi Nick - It's Amy from Michigan. I have proposed on my blog,, that we call it "Edison Hour" and celebrate technology and human achievement. I will be turning on all lights, and more, in my home at 8pm tonight. Cheers!

Kyle Haight said...

We just emerged from this bizarre 'viro ritual here on the Left Coast. Suffice it to say that all the lights in our house were on for the duration. (I like the floodlight idea!)

If this is going to be an annual thing, we should set up a counter-website to which people could post images of their illuminated houses. I'd certainly post one of mine.

Anonymous said...

We were going to turn all the power on at our home, and had informed a number of people of our plans. Ironically, there was a power outage here between approx 7pm until 10pm.

Corey said...

I wonder why google didn't tell people to turn off their computers:)