Thursday, March 13, 2008

Daily Show Bodyslams Berkeley Hippies

Now this is funny:


"van Vliet" Art Blog said...

Now that's entertainment. Wow!

Mel McGuire said...

Not as funny but still interesting is the reply I received from the Attorney Generals office.

"Thank you for your email to the Office of the Attorney General suggesting that the video showing the front side of the U.S. Marine recruiting facility in Berkeley demonstrates that "the City of Berkeley has withdrawn protection of its citizen's right to enter the facility."

While we support the U.S. fighting men and women in military service, and a citizen's right to freely enter a lawful establishment, we must also support the First Amendment right of citizen's as well.

If the video indeed depicts a crime, you are encouraged to provide that evidence to the City of Berkeley Police. Local law enforcement authorities are responsible for investigating violations of law within their jurisdictions. After investigating the crime, the local law enforcement authorities may forward the case to the county district attorney's office for prosecution, if appropriate. The decision whether or not to file criminal charges will then be made by the locally elected district attorney.

Thank you again for writing.


Bill Canepa
Public Inquiry Unit

Attorney General

Silly me! I should have known to go to the crime boss to complain about a crime.

Nicholas Provenzo said...


Can you send me the address you used? I'd like to write them a follow-up.



Mel McGuire said...


I've sent an e-mail to you containing the contact info. There is also a pdf attachment.

The "...we must also support the First Amendment right of citizen's as well." is certainly outrageous in that it condones the use of force as part of freedom of speech--giving freedom of speech a blackeye in the process.

Thanks for your interest.