Thursday, March 20, 2008

'The Child and the Invader'

This video is so outrageous that if I described it here, you would not believe me . . . just go to MEMRI and watch this video clip of an Iranian cartoon for children.


Bruce V. Bracken said...

It's interesting that they don't mind ripping off Western animation like The Simpsons. And does Allah permit kite-flying, especially anthropomorphized blue-eyed demon kites?

Galileo Blogs said...

I believe similar cartoons are regularly shown in Palestine. An entire regimen from young childhood onwards indoctrinates children who will grow up to strap bomb belts onto themselves.

Why doesn't Israel or the United States (literally) just pull the plug on these TV stations in Palestine, and take out or jam the stations in Iran and elsewhere in the Muslim world?

I would suggest that this is a failure to identify that this conflict is at root a battle of ideas. Conservatives such as Bush deny the importance of ideas. Leftists secretly agree with the anti-Americanism of the Muslim terrorists (in principle, if not yet in degree).

As a result, neither party has recognized that this is a battle of ideas. Regarding President Bush, how can a man who is a religious fundamentalist himself and calls Islam the religion of peace be capable of identifying and fighting an ideological war against the Muslims?