Friday, March 28, 2008

And when they invariably find them, who are they gonna call?

As a follow-up to my earlier post on the faith-based death of 11-year-old Madeline Neumann, there's now this absurdity out of the great state of Iowa:

[Johnson] County officials have given their informal OK for ghost hunters to check out a one-time insane asylum to see if any spirits are lurking about.

The Johnson County Board of Supervisors took the initial action on the request from the Johnson County Historical Society, which gives tours of the 153-year-old building.

Brandon Cochran, museum operations assistant for the historical society, said there have never been reports of ghosts or bizarre happenings at the building and that bringing in a paranormal team is "kind of taking the pre-emptive approach.

He wants an Iowa-based paranormal investigative team to come in for one night. Cochran said he hopes they don't find any paranormal activity and the investigation can put to rest any speculation.

A four-person Carroll Area Paranormal Team will use thermal imaging equipment and voice recording systems, Cochran said. [AP]
Perhaps while they are at it, they could also secure footage of a man actually tipping over a sleeping cow, because that would be just as plausible. And notice that they don't even have a "ghost" problem; they just want to make sure that they don't have any ghosts, because, you know, you can't be too careful when it comes to ethereal beings from another dimension. I just hope they don't cross their energy streams, because as everyone knows, that would be "bad."


Duff said...

This post (as well as the one before it) have left me curious: are you simply trying to point out the stupidity of some people? Or are you suggesting that some authority should have kept them from doing what seems ridiculous to you?

Nicholas Provenzo said...

In the case of the parents who failed to take their child to the doctor because of their mysticism, I think they are criminally responsible for their child's death; their failure to act directly led to their child's untimely death and as their child's guardians, they bear reasonability for their choices.

In the case of the county government that authorized ghost hunters on county property, as long as government funds did not go to fund this lunacy, I see no legal issue in play. Nevertheless, I think that the county's actions are absurd and that they deserve to be judged accordingly.