Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Problem We All Live With

I didn't have an opportunity to comment in-depth about the video I posted yesterday that featured Code Pink's protest in front of the Marine Recruiting Station at Berkeley. This video underscores just how bad the situation at Berkeley has become. People interested in contacting a Marine recruiter are forcibly bared by anti-government vigilantes, and the local police stand "neutral" with their hands in their pockets.

Viewing this tape reminds me of Norman Rockwell's famous panting "The Problem We All Live With," except that we have yet to see the proper response to this outrage; we have yet to see federal marshals march into Berkeley to protect an individual's right to access the offices of his government.

I'm beginning to wonder if that is precisely what is needed; since the local authorities seem unwilling to enforce proper laws, intervention by the federal government may become inevitable.


Gideon said...

Yes, I think that's exactly what's needed. The police there are truly pathetic. These people need to be hauled off and arrested. There is no right to block passage to a recruitment office.

softwareNerd said...

I found some folk planning a counter-protest.

Burgess Laughlin said...

Sadly, I note that the following seems to be the closest to a statement of principles guiding the counter-protesters:

"The oath that I take with the GOE now is to 'Support the Troops AND their Mission', and to oppose those who speak out against our Troops and Heroes. All the anger can be used as a driving force to help GOE, and I need extra help from all Veterans who are still holding a grudge after all these years."

(From the Gathering of Eagles website--the "About" section.)

Street demonstrations are a battle of numbers, a battle conservatives seldom win. Their highest values--God, Tradition, Nation, and Family--don't give them the motive power. The leftists--motivated by their highest value, society as reality--almost always have this turf as their own.