Sunday, February 03, 2008

Boycott Berkeley Petition Update

In little over 48 hours, 1,300 people have signed the Boycott Berkeley Petition. That's impressive, but I think we can get many, many more signatures. To make that happen, I need your help; we have to make the petition go viral.

I've make two web banners for blogs and websites and I plan to make more later today (They will be posted here). In the meantime, I encourage RoR readers to blog about the petition on you blogs and email your friends.

After all, Berkeley says that it doesn't want the Marines. What would ever make them think that we want them?


Galileo Blogs said...

Why advocate not doing business with businesses located in Berkeley? What about a business owner who opposes the actions of the Berkeley City Council? He will suffer from the boycott, not just business owners who support the council's action.

I share your outrage and agree that a petition is a good way of conveying that outrage, but why the trade embargo against all Berkeley businesses?

Isn't a petition all that is necessary to convey opposition to the actions of the Berkeley City Council? (Or even a lawsuit, since the council's declaration may constitute illegal interference with the federal government's carrying out of its obligation to provide for our self-defense.)

Nicholas Provenzo said...

Galileo Blogs asks:

>Why advocate not doing business with businesses located in Berkeley?

Why? Because even if one is in the opposition, one is still responsible for their government. The Berkeley City Council has out-stepped its legitimate mandate, and this did not occur in a vacuum.

Innocent businessmen should demand that the City Council redirect its activities toward its actual responsibilities and not take actions that turn its people into national pariahs.

Catherine Cherry Hill, NJ said...

I advocate boycotting business in Berkeley as a recommended course of action. The suggestion in the petition is intended to pressure the other businesses to "police" there own so to speak. They are hoping by doing so (holding their fellow business owners accountable)it will embarass them into doing the right thing. We are all judged by the company we keep. If business owners in "Berserk-ly" are all that concerned about what the rest of the country thinks of them then this would be a good chance to show us.