Monday, February 04, 2008

The 'Boycott Berkeley' end-state

In a comment to the post "Why Boycotting Berkeley is Important," Burgess Laughlin asks:

A question for Mr. Provenzo or anyone who supports the petition (which I signed) or boycott: What are your expectations? In other words, a year or 10 years from now, what will likely be the difference in the world in which we live?
If the petition drive and boycott proves successful, I think the difference in our lives will be that it will be far more difficult for the members of the political left to attack the good for their virtues. Regardless of one's views on the war, the Marines are good; they uphold the Constitution that they pledged their lives to defend and they do not deserve the treasonous smears issued against them under the aegis of a local municipality.

My view is that that standing up for the good and declaring that one is willing to put their money where their mouth is signals that while we all respect honest debate, we will not turn a blind eye to brazen dishonesty, and here, like it has been many times before, the left is being brazenly dishonest. The Marines are not a policy-making body to be blamed for decisions that some do not approve of, nor are they genocidal, racist murderers as some have chosen to claim them to be. There are many problems in America that merit our attention, but we cannot permit the left to hijack a city government for the purpose of spreading little more than vicious lies like we have witnessed here.

And that's why I think the petition and its boycott are important, and I'm glad to report that as of 72 hours into this nascent campaign, 2,100 of my fellow Americans have taken a moment of their time to affirm that they agree.

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