Tuesday, February 05, 2008

After all, it would be cheaper if you were dead . . .

At ReasonPharm, they are drawing out the inevitable conclusion about the Dutch government's recent study that concluded that obese people cost government-funded healthcare schemes less money because they die younger. As ReasonPharm observes:

Nobody, including Pieter van Baal (quoted in the article as saying "We are not recommending that governments stop trying to prevent obesity") wants to say it out loud, but these findings beg the question: Wouldn't it be cheaper if we all died young, before the expense of being old comes on? Wouldn't it be better for government bureaucrats if everyone lived long enough to pay plenty of income taxes, but not long enough to impose the costs of their age-related illnesses? Perhaps instead of banning trans fats and slapping warning labels on cigarettes, the government should be handing out free tobacco and chocolate cake.
Or Soylent Green, perhaps?


Rational Jenn said...

HA! I left a Soylent Green-related comment on this topic on the OBloggers list, before I read your post. Great minds think. . . Soylent Green?

Cheerwino said...

Perhaps you should try Soylent Red.