Tuesday, February 05, 2008

3,000 Signatures!

As of 8:12 PM ET, the "Boycott Berkeley in Support of the Marines" Petition has drawn exactly 3,000 signatures.

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tree hugging sister said...

Dear Mr. Provenza ~ Congratulations on the milestone!

While I'd also like to thank you for your visit to our humble blog, I do want to clear up what appears to be a misconception you have about us. (I'll bet it was my name ~ that throws a lot of people.) Anyhoo, we think your idea is a grand one (and the language gratifyingly civilized), but were merely questioning the efficacy of the stratagem. We are a virtual family at the kitchen table.

In your comment, you reiterated the finer points of the petition, along with a Marine civics lesson. I don't think you read through the links that accompanied my post and, as far as the Marines go, let me introduce myself properly. I'm tree hugging sister, USMC Active Duty '80-'92 and married to this handsome devil. Our motley crew includes ardent military supporters, fellow Leathernecks and other present/past service members.

Which is why I posted the link to your efforts to begin with.

Again, 3000 is a great number and hopefully folks will be able to find you from the Swilling as well.