Monday, December 10, 2007

Am I a legal, government-sanctioned thief?

As part of an ongoing debate over the morality of the nation's immigration barriers at a Marine veterans' website that I am a member of, I made the following decision graph. I think it's important to name the aims of those who support protectionist quotas to free trade in an open market, and given the response of the pro-barrier side, it has elicited exactly the response I expected: steadfast evasion.

(Click the image to enlarge).


Michael Smith said...

Nicholas, can you give us a link to the website where the discussion is taking place?

Love your flow chart.

Nicholas Provenzo said...

Hi Michael,

It's a member's only website for Marines and Marine veterans. I'll write a recap when I have a chance.


Roderick said...

Great flow chart. I think flow charts are quickly becoming one of my favorite means of expressing humor.

Of course, you're being serious here.

At least I'm not a "legal, government-sanctioned thief."

John Cowan said...

You forgot:

Do I pay taxes to a confiscatory government? Yes? You are a legal, government-sanctioned thief.

Have I, or would I, fight to uphold the actions of that government on the world stage? Yes? You are a legal, government-sanctioned thief.