Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Orkut is the West's trick to defame Islam, alleges Muslim group

Remember Orkut, one of the early social networking websites? Well, apparently it is part of conspiracy to discredit Islam, at least according to this news report out of India.

Condemning the anti-Islam messages posted on popular social networking websites like Orkut, All India Minorities Front (AIMF) has alleged that it is a western world's 'trick' to defame Islam.

The Front's president S M Asif said that statements on the Orkut website about Prophet Mohammad were "false and rubbish", and alleged that it was the "handiwork of Western media who are long bent upon to malign Islam by hook or crook".

He also demanded withdrawal of those ant-Islam statements from the website and expressed his disappointment over Centre's silence on such websites.

Ok, sure, but how does that explain how Orkut came to be dominated by Portuguese-speaking Brazilians? And in any case, Asif's claim makes this latest cartoon by the ever-prescient Cox & Forkum ring all the more true.

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Munim said...

Ironic, cuz Islam encourages tolerance and forgiveness. Personally, I just ignore all these happenings(i am a muslim). Best not to add fuel to the fire.
By the way, islam is not the only victim of hate communities on orkut.