Monday, April 02, 2007

In Memory of Stephen Speicher

Today I learned that Stephen Speicher, founder and moderator of the Forum for Ayn Rand Fans passed away over the weekend due to complications from a recent heart attack.

It goes without saying that Stephen passed before his time. My heartfelt wishes go to Betsy, Stephen's wife, as well as his son Matthew.

I am reminded of this sculpture of Memory by Augustus Lukeman (photo by Lee Sandstead). This work was made in honor of Isidor and Ida Straus who lost their lives during the Titanic disaster. The statue of Memory does not ponder the tragedy of the Straus' loss. Instead, she thinks of the good lives that they lived and their continual love and warmth for each other while alive. It is a monument dedicated to fondness, and not suffering and sadness.

It is my hope that over time, such a sentiment can warm the hearts of those affected by Stephen's passing.

Update: Memorial info for Stephen may be found here.

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