Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rumsfeld out

This according to the AP. My first thought is that Donald Rumsfeld is now the new Robert McNamara of our era; intelligent, bold, willing to demand sweeping practical reforms of the services, but philosophically incapable of waging war in a way that secured an American victory. I doubt that history will judge him less harshly.


Anonymous said...

I generally agree but regarding this:

"philosophically incapable of waging war in a way that secured an American victory"

Was it his job to provide the guiding philosophy of the war? Wasn't that the President's responsibility. I have a feeling that Rumsfeld is taking the fall for Bush. I hold Bush more responsible.

Jim said...

I mourn the lost of Rumsfeld; it is one more loss in Bush's Orgy of Self-sacrifice.

Rumsfeld was an excellent manager charged with implimenting Bush's failed Iraq strategy.

The failure in Iraq are attributable to the State Department not Defense.

Rumsfeld fell on his sword for the sake of the Bush Administration, as he had offered to do before. I hope that he will be free to speak politically after and if the Senate confirms his replacement.

In his youth, Rumsfeld reportedly wanted to be President, but by rebuilding the military after the Clintonian cut backs, he has done the country a greater service.

In my opinion, Rumsfeld is the only hero in the Bush Administration and his replacement is reportly an advocate of appeasement of state sponsors of terrorism.