Thursday, November 02, 2006

Please take our totally unscientific poll

I'm intrigued to see how RoR readers plan to vote in the upcoming midterm election, so please take our (albeit unscientific) poll below:

How are you voting this election?
Straight Republican
Straight Democract
Other Party
Depends on the candidate
I'm not voting in this election
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Justin said...

I'm not voting because I didn't request an absentee ballot on time, and I do not want to drive 4.5 hours home during a busy week. I voted in the last two elections previous, and voted straight democrat in 2004, and a mixture in 2002. In both cases, I decided on a candidate-by-candidate basis. In the Fall of 2004 is when I was first introduced to the ideas of Rand through Atlas Shrugged, which is why I think I voted only for democrats, since all the Republican candidates were openly Evangelical (I'm from rural TN). I'm sure the Democrats were as well, but at that point in time I thought it would be better to have a deadlocked Congress. This election, I simply wasn't motivated to "pick my poison." I'm not entirely convinced that the Republicans are the only party that is outwardly religious; Hillary Clinton, for instance, went to a Methodist college, and I think that that comes through strongly in her politics. I see less harm in voting for a Goldwater Republican than a Methodist Democrat; I therefore think that each candidate needs to be judged on their own, without reference to the party platform, which they may or may not agree with.