Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Our long national nightmare is over . . .

. . . to be replaced by our new national nightmare. Nevertheless, we are presented with a substantial opportunity to communicate our message given that the religious and pragmatic Republicans have been trumped, and the Democrats have no principled message, save for "not George Bush."

But before that can begin, we Objectivists need to examine our own house. The causes of our deep divisions must be addressed. This is not a debating game we are playing here; the choices we make and the public stands we take directly impact the health of our movement to change our culture and our ability to be persuasive beyond our own private voices.

Needless to say, I will have more to offer on this topic the coming days, but in the interim, it is time for some serious soul-searching among Objectivists.


Andy said...

Hey Nick: Am looking forward to your thoughts on our "deep divides." I saw this election (and 2004) as more of strategy or tactics. Or maybe even different levels of realization as to the strength or weaknesses of the religious right. Do you see *fundamental* deep differences - as in '68 or '89?

I don't see them, but again, looking forward to your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

I too look forward to your post on the deep differences of Objectivists. I have lost intellectual respect for Tracinski and TIA over the last two years or so. I think that their war posture is terrible. Its loaded with altruism IMO. Also their support for Bush and the Conservatives seems to me to be at odds with Objectivist principles. Plus, I didn't like Tracinski saying that Peikoff suffered from "Dominque Francon" syndrome. Trancinski may be smart but he is not in Peikoff's league.

I have a feeling that in time there is going to be another division.

Gordon Davis

Jim said...

I view the election as being a scenario in which no moral choice was available.

As Objectivists, we should not defend either party but oppose both as evading the real issues before the country, such as the immediate termination of nuclear programs in state sponsors of terrorism.