Friday, November 03, 2006

Founders votes with its feet

It looks like my earlier angst was utterly for naught, for Founders College has outflanked its would-be regulators by moving its campus to a new location.

Founders College officials said Thursday they will pull out of their plans to purchase the Merritt Hutchinson estate in Lynch Station.

The college announced plans to purchase 660 acres from the Berry Hill Plantation Resort in South Boston. Founders officials cited the Campbell County Planning Commission’s recommendation to deny the school’s rezoning request last week as the reason behind the decision. [Sarah Watson and Aaron Lee, Lynchburg News & Advance]
I love how one of the county planners cries that Founders doesn't have a lot of "integrity" for refusing to tolerate time-wasting regulation later on in the story.

If I was angry and disappointed before, I'm just loving it now. Bravo! I only hope that someone at Founders writes a letter to the editor of the local paper saying that this is what regulators should expect when they attempt to squelch the plans of people building a better life for themselves.