Tuesday, November 28, 2006

'Almost reasonable'

In a wonderfully pompous conclusion to an otherwise good post, Volokh Conspirator David Bernstein says a quote by Katherine Cohen, CEO of IvyWise, a college-admissions consulting company in the New York Magazine is "the kind of thing that makes Objectivism look almost reasonable."

Heh. I almost care.


Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about Bernstein or his appraisal of Objectivism's growing influence, but I know a lot of these types feel threatened by the philosophy and its rise.

Mario said...

It was just this kind of comment that led me to read Ayn Rand. A little over ten years ago I used to subscribe to "National Review." Twice, in a period of about six months, I came across in articles by different authors such swipes at Ayn Rand.

Like the NY Times article, the swipes seemed both a bit forced and to betray a kind of fear. At least, that's how they seemed to me -- like the author was a bit nervous about this author, "Ayn Rand." I found it intriguing.

So, take heart -- as they say, there's no such thing as bad publicity. Somewhere, someone read the article and no doubt became intrigued enough to buy a copy of ATLAS SHRUGGED.