Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11th, 2006

I feel obligated on this 5th anniversary of 9/11 to write something poetic and full of poignant meaning. How about this: Avenge 9/11. Let not one drop of blood shed that day go unpunished. Make the world fit for those who want to live peaceably in it. If the rhyming and meter is off, let the sentiments carry the tune.

Yet have we as a civilization, "standing united" and "never forgetting" with our American flags fluttering from every doorstep, avenged those near 3,000 dead—and secured our title to our own lives? Have we crushed those who think that their mystical creed gives them the right to put box-cutters to our throats and drive planes into our greatest buildings? Have we destroyed those who aim to murder us on even a far greater scale? Our civilization was formed on the acknowledgement that each of us has a right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Five years after we were attacked, are our rights defended and our enemies vanquished?

Hardly. One wakes up today with the sickening knowledge that our enemy stands utterly undeterred, let alone defeated. This 5th anniversary of 9/11 is a day for mourning—and in more ways than one. For if we truly wanted to be free, if we thought we deserved to live our lives without threats from other men, we would have crushed our enemies years ago. Instead of the farce of "Homeland Security" and its endless searches of our library records and carry-on items, we'd bring the battle to our enemy's homelands. The force used against him would not be "proportionate," it would be ruthless, overwhelming—and decisive.

"But our enemy is terrorism and we never can truly defeat it." Hogwash. Our enemy is global Islamic jihad and those states that allow jihad to exist. Ruthlessly crush those states, end the people who allow jihad to flourish on their doorstep, irradiate their women and children, and the jihad dies with them.

"But if we do that, they will hate us more and become even more dangerous." Have you noticed that outside of a handful of pathetic skinheads, Nazism is not a credible threat to anyone? Did that victory come by leaving the Nazi's cities untouched, their government intact, and their people unmolested? Did not millions of Germans have to die before Nazism was utterly discredited as a cause? Are we so naïve to think that today's war would be any different, and that a few smart-bombs could replace the leveling of whole cities?

In fact, as the debacle in Iraq shows us, it's fighting a half-hearted war that makes our enemy truly detest us. We fight in Afghanistan, but we farm out the battle and leave Bin Laden free to escape. We fight in Iraq, but to bring a backward and ignorant people liberty, while leaving larger threats, such as Iran, unchecked. We continue to allow our enemy's leaders to speak the truth when they say that we are weak and that we have no stomach for war. We continue to allow them to preach the sacrifice of this life in the name of their faith and their desire to kill us.

Yet are we willing to show our enemy the strength of our reason in opposition to his faith? Are we willing to show our enemy the utter death and destruction that is the fruit of his bankrupt creed, so that his people see the logical outcome of their folly and beg for surrender over jihad?

Not on this day we won't. On this 5th anniversary there will be maudlin remembrances and mawkish tears, but only a handful of voices will be calling for what both the dead and living of 9/11 truly deserve.

Millions of Muslims felt joy in there hearts when our twin towers collapsed and our Pentagon smoldered. Millions of Muslims cheer the jihad that brought these great buildings down. These are not people open to reason and persuasion; their mystical creed forbids it. Let them then feel the only force on this earth that will shake them from their intransigence, and that is our righteous, unmitigated desire to never surrender our lives, freedom or security, and let them feel it with the same power that we felt 9/11.

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