Thursday, August 03, 2006

Weather inflation

It's 9:24 AM as I write this, and I'm looking up the weather for Northern VA. It says it’s 90°, but also that it "feels like its 107°."

Huh? It's 90°. When I go outside, it feels like a hot Northern VA 90° always does—hot and sweaty—but nothing like 107°. So what's up with all this weather inflation? Isn't saying that it’s 90° at 75% humidity good enough? Why do weathermen feel the need to declare that it "feels" like 107°? And if it was really 107°, would they then turn around say it felt like it was 124°?

In my book, humidity "feels" like its either off or on; it's either humid, or its not. And while humid pretty much equals misery, I just don't buy that it "feels like" seventeen extra degrees of misery.

It feels #$%^&* humid, plain and simple. So why not say as much?

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