Monday, July 03, 2006

I'll have some tasty crow, please

Consider me humbled over my earlier post on the The New York Times classified information scandal. The Wall Street Journal printed an editorial last week that more or less states that the administration begged The New York Times not to print its article in the name of national security, but the Times elected to go to print anyways. That decision was wrong; even a marginally effective covert program can still capture bad guys, and the Times should have heeded a reasonable request to stay silent.

But why my visceral reaction to the administration's stand? It's simple. I don't care for the philosophy behind this administration. It is appallingly weak were it ought to be strong, such as in its unwillingness to wage a full-scale, ruthless war against jihad. So while what the Times did was reprehensible, the administration’s own failures burn brighter in my mind. In this case, I simply allowed myself to be blinded by them.

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