Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Why don't more Objectivist scholars do this . . .

That is, why don't they recommend books? After re-reading my post on IP, it dawned on me that while the history of property law is important, I personally don’t know much of that history. Wouldn’t it be nice if an Objectivist put out a reccomend reading list of good books on the subject like Objectivist and Ph.D. student in economics Isaac DiIanni does on his website for texts on economics? Wouldn’t it be nice if every Objectivist scholar listed five essential texts for his field so if you needed to get your bearings on a topic, you would have an easy resource to call upon?

After all, how long does it take to write a handful of 100-word book reviews of texts that are useful and important in your field of study?

Update: I hear Scott Powell plans to offer such a list as his website as part of what he calls "A First History for Adults." I've heard nothing but raves about Scott's telephone course on history, so I look forward to seeing his list (and taking his course myself).

Update II: Art historian Lee Sandstead now has recomendations online too.

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