Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday Capitalist Café

I'm going to start posting a "Sunday Capitalist Café" for stuff that touches the lighter side of life. I was recently reminded of a website that allows you to make a map of all the countries you have visited--here's my map:

create your own visited country map

Many of these countries were visited when I was in the Marines; not too many Americans make to Senegal or Liberia on their own, so I was glad to have had the opportunity to visit. Barcelona and Rome are my two favorite European cities—Barcelona for its Rambula and Rome for its antiquities. Israel was interesting. I was still a Catholic at the time and when I toured the various holy sites I couldn’t help but conclude that the whole of religion was a bunch of nothing. After all, how could Jerusalem be holy compared to New York?

Here's my map of US states I've visited:

create your own personalized map of the USA

My next big travel goal is to road-trip out west to Seattle and back. There's something about driving across America that speaks to my soul—something about seeing America as “see level” that makes me feel as if I know the place by virtue of having been there and seen it myself.

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