Monday, May 08, 2006

Rule of Reason joins the 100,000 club

Today, at 7:30:54, the Rule of Reason received its 100,000th recorded visit. I set up RoR’s sitemeter on April 25, 2003 and included the year and a half that I was back in school and posts were infrequent. I didn’t put a sitemeter on the CAC website until the release of the latest style update in February. Since then, CAC’s main site has received almost 15,000 visits and 27,000 page views.

In context, blogs like Instapundit get over 125,000 vistis a day, so I’m not too excited about making 100,000. RoR doesn’t post as frequently as top level blogs, our ideological blog network is smaller than these bogs and our positions are often far from the mainstream.

At the same time, this milestone for the blog is still an achievement and one I hope to build upon. So here’s to 200,000 by the end of 2006!

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