Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I run over Rothbardians's resident schismologist Stephan Kinsella is at it again, this time moaning about another Objectivist Center expatriate and throwing in my disagreement with the Intellectual Activist over its war reporting in for good measure. According to Kinsella:

The latest entry is that of one William E. Perry, who has apparently broken with David Kelley's The Objectivist Center, and is announcing to the world at large that he is "no longer employed by, or affiliated with The Objectivist Center. ... I left because of a variety of issues. Most of them pertain to my growing disagreement with David Kelley's views about judgment and toleration. My view of the application of justice is far different than David Kelley's view."
Fair enough, right? Of course not. You see, Perry wants to take a year off to think things through and God help the Rothbardians, he said as much online. Quoting Kinsella:

Perry informs us that:

I intend to take about a year to consider certain issues in Objectivism. I am about to complete a basic philosophical education course of my own design, which will better enable me to evaluate those issues. The course included working through John Hospers' introductory text, David Kelley's logic text, and the entire nine- volume history of philosophy by Frederick Copleston. (I am in the ninth volume of Copleston.)

I am then going to re-examine issues in Objectivism. I may write about them, but I don't intend to publish or post anything from May 1, 2006-April 30, 2007. Nor do I intend to participate in any Objectivist conferences. My only contact with Objectivist groups of any sort will be attendance at Arizona Objectivists and other local groups. If I post anything on any website it will be about applications only, or about non-philosophical issues.

However, I will be writing a few things and posting them on SOLO Passion between now and May 1. I will discuss what I write until that date.
I love it. He knows it will take a year, and what he will read, and knows that after this time, he'll have figured it out. And he announces this to people. Is it just me, or is this a bizarre type of behavior peculiar to Randians?
Who cares? So some guy wants a time-out after he quits his job and figures it will be for about a year. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think any philosopher, including Rand, took a position on sabbaticals or how they are to be announced.

So how then does my recent disagreement with the Intellectual Activist fit into all of this? Quite sloppily.

Another recent brouhaha I heard of concerns the Ayn Rand Institute getting upset with Robert Tracinski, publisher of The Intellectual Activist, for being too pro-Bush, and threatening to shut down that long-time Objectivist newsletter. I just can't keep these guys straight.
So now I've gone from being "some Nicholas Provenzo character" to being the entire Ayn Rand Institute, and now posting a disagreement with someone's position on the war is akin to threatening to shut them down. Hell, if I had the power to shut anyone down, it would be Kinsella for his stupid, idiotic waste of electrons that he calls his commentary.

And Kinsella has written about me before. He's posted comments to the Center's blog. He's personally e-mailed me. How can this man not know who I am or what group I represent?

I think it is because Kinsella is right. He just can't keep anything straight.

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