Friday, March 10, 2006

Jay Bennish Reinstated

The story on Jay Bennish, the tirade-launching, America-hating high school geography teacher just took a turn for the surreal with Bennish's reinstatement.

Overland High School teacher Jay Bennish will be back in the classroom Monday, Cherry Creek Schools Superintendent Monte Moses said today in a press conference.

Bennish, 28, has been on paid administrative leave after student Sean Allen made public a 21-minute, 40-second recording of part of the teacher's lecture the day after Bush's State of the Union speech.

In that lecture, Bennish compared President Bush to Adolf Hitler, questioned U.S. foreign and drug policy and suggested that capitalism was "at odds" with human compassion.

After hearing the recording, school district officials concluded that Bennish's comments appeared to be inappropriate and that he may have violated a district policy requiring teachers to present balanced viewpoints when teaching controversial subjects. [Rocky Mountain News]
So the Cherry Creek Schools are now taking the position that the taxpayer ought to pay the salary of a teacher who detests America and seeks to indoctrinate students in Marxism rather than teach the subject he has been hired to teach. Brilliant.

Ladies and gentlemen, once again we are presented with the fact that the public schools are an abject failure to our nation’s young.

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