Thursday, February 23, 2006

University of Washington-Boyington Update

This snip from the University of Washington campus newspaper . . .

After hearing from several students the night of the meeting, KVI-Seattle radio host Kirby Wilbur criticized the senate's decision on the air.

"As an alum, a member of the media, a taxpayer and a citizen, I had every right to get involved," Wilbur said in an e-mail. "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen, or stop making stupid comments."

As word spread about the Senate's vote, commentary appeared on hundreds of conservative Web sites bashing and threatening certain senate members.

The debate made it onto national television and news stations, including Fox News and MSNBC's Scarborough Country. More than 115 Marine Corps veterans signed a letter expressing their disapproval to the Board of Regents.

Criticism was primarily directed at ASUW Vice President Ashley Miller and sophomore Jill Edwards. Both said they received hundreds of hateful messages during the last two weeks.

Online blogs reported Miller said the UW already has enough memorials honoring rich, white men. The meeting minutes recorded "many monuments at the UW already commemorate rich white men."

"It's not that rich, white men don't deserve to be honored," Miller said yesterday. "We continue to overlook leaders of color and those who are women."
Like Pappy Boyington himself, who was of Sioux heritage--and as if a person's race or gender should ever be allowed to qualify or disqualify them for being recognized for their heroic deeds. Good to see that the open letter received a mention though.

This other snip from "Expose the Left" features a Scarborough Country interview with Nicholas Baptiste, a University of Washington student senator who opposed the memorial [Hat tip: The Dougout]. Baptiste comes off has virulently anti-American, arguing that US corporations were somehow to blame for Nazi fascism.

The disappointment I had with this piece was that Scarborough did not ask Baptiste if he would have been free to hold his position had the Axis powers prevailed and Baptiste was as critical of the Axis powers as he is of America. Even if an opponent's views are shocking and seemingly unconscionable on their face, I still think it is nevertheless critical to show that they are acting against their own self-interest in holding them. Rather then treat America and Boyington's legacy as a Platonic ideal, I would have preferred that Scarborough treat Boyington's legacy as something essential to Baptiste's own life. This way, Baptiste would not have been reveled as an unappreciative buffoon in a bad suit, he would have been reveled as a self-renouncing, unappreciative buffoon--and that's the only way the left can be defeated.

As a relativist, Baptiste simply holds that all things are equal (except the US, which is lower than low because its people consider themselves free and great). The end result is Baptiste and his ilk evade the need to recognize evil for what it is and act accordingly--and thus champion those who are instrumental in evil’s defeat. They demand America commit suicide, but (to paraphrase Harry Binswanger) the only life they have a right to take is their own.

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