Wednesday, February 22, 2006

United Arab Emirates port purchase to be blocked?

So some folks from the United Arab Emirates want to buy six American ports. No big deal—unless the purchase is blocked by the government—and that looks quite threatening.

So here's my question to the anti-free ownership advocates (it’s a three-fer):

1.) What does American ownership of the ports give law enforcement that they don’t already have given that the ports are already foreign controlled? (The ports in question are owned by a British firm).

2.) If you support American-based ports being repatriated by law, what would your reaction be if a foreign government repatriated American-owned property that rest on its shores?

3.) Do you disagree with the claim that repatriating foreign-owned property would have negative economic implications for the US? Do you think foreigners would still feel secure investing capital in the US?

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